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German Energiewende – A Weapon Against Climate Change, A Blueprint For A Third Technological Revolution?

Time is running out. Jeffrey D. Sachs, renowned world economist and director of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network strongly urges policy leaders of high and middle income countries to kick-start massive climate action immediately and congratulates Germany on its Energiewende. “Carbon arithmetic is brutal: We are close to surpassing the 2°C ceiling, but the world […]

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Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) – Will The German Energiewende Survive The Elections?

The objective of this article is to underscore the significance of the UN Initiative “Sustainable Energy for All” and to examine how an industrialized country strives for sustainable energy supply, and contradictorily elects a government that threatens to turn back the clock to fossil times: The German Energiewende. I will start with the bigger picture: […]

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