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New Bill Extends Trespass Rights To Fracking Companies


The Queen’s speech contained the announcement of the introduction of a bill to extend rights to fracking companies to run pipelines under inhabited areas without land- or home-owners’ permission. This proposed extension of trespass rights to fracking companies stands in direct opposition to the coalition’s approach to wind farm developments.

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The Fuss About Fracking

Induced hydraulic fracturing (or ‘fracking’) is a means of mining natural resources (typically oil and gas) from the ground. The technique was developed in the 1940s in the United States, but classical drilling remained the method of choice for many decades. However, over the last decade as classical wells have become depleted, fracking has been […]

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Hydraulic Fracturing: The Solution? Or The Problem?

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is the fracturing of rock by a pressurized liquid. Induced fracking is the name given to the practice of drilling down into hard shale rock, and then pumping huge quantities of water, sand and chemicals down the hole, to fracture the surrounding rock. The resulting fissures form conduits along which fluids […]

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Environmental Impacts Of Exploring Unconventional Gas And Oil Reserves

As global conventional oil and gas reserves dwindles and becomes more difficult to access, the world energy production trend is shifting to the exploration of unconventional reserves (shale gas and tar sand). Countries such as the US, Canada and even China have increased their investments in these reserves to help guarantee security of energy supplies […]

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