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What Is The Difference Between CO2 And CO2e?


Many of our readers often ask, what is the difference between CO2 and CO2e? Usually, they stumble upon the question while calculating their carbon footprint. This article outlines the difference between CO2 and CO2e. Difference between CO2 and CO2eCO2 refers to Carbon Dioxide, while CO2e stands for “Carbon Dioxide Equivalent” which includes CO2 and other greenhouse gases.  Carbon dioxide, […]

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5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is an environmental measure of the total greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions caused by an organisation, person or product. This article explains how to calculate your carbon footprint. It includes a straightforward five step plan to measure your carbon footprint, as follows: 1) defining the organisational boundary, 2) the scope of emissions, 3) […]

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How To Calculate Your Carbon Footprint?


In this article we discuss 5 simple steps to help you calculate your carbon footprint without using a consultant or losing your sense of humor. Following these steps will ensure that you get a consistent and reliable measure of your environmental impact. At the end of the article we have provided some useful links to online carbon […]

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