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Future Business Success Factors


Fact: The world is fast changing Now, I’m not talking about technological change – which has obviously been happening at an ever increasing rate since the 1950s and has had, and will continue to have, an enormous impact on the world. No, what I am taking about is a more systemic global change associated with the earth’s natural systems and the […]

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Need Action To Stop Global Warming And Prevent Climate Change


Over the past 30 years global warming has become a hotly debated topic. The debate has centered around three issues: 1. Is global warming occurring? 2. If so, are the changes being caused by human activity? 3. What are the implications of a warming planet? Nowadays, there is widespread scientific consensus around issue 1 and […]

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Where Is This Fat Squirrel Photo Frenzy Coming From?

Fat Squirrels

Among other peculiar trends encountered on the internet lately, this winter we had the joy of being inundated with photos of fat squirrels. Squirrels in snow, squirrels stuck in bird-feeders, squirrels stealing avocados. Name it, and there’s a fat squirrel doing it! As you have probably noticed, however, the onslaught of fluffy animal photos is […]

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There Could Be No More Hajj Thanks To Climate Change

no more Hajj thanks to climate change

On Monday October 26 2015, US scientists annunciated that, under current trends of climate change, temperatures in the Persian Gulf could be too much for people to cope with by the end of the century. A study published in the journal, Nature, found that severe heat and humidity could force temperatures beyond a “critical threshold,” […]

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Climate Change Means More Kidney Stones


A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, the journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, has shown that the impact of climate change will not be far in the future for some people: more kidney stones will develop as a consequence of rising temperatures. The medical records of 60,433 patients with kidney stones […]

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Transition Starts From The Ground Up: Local Players Initiate Change Tackling Climate Change


While high-level politicians and heads of state keep guarding their belongings, the low carbon revolution has already begun and is taking up speed. “The high speed mitigation train” called for by Rachendra Pachauri, chair of the highest scientific panel on climate change, the IPCC, earlier this year is a grassroots movement embracing all parts of […]

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Climate Change Report Calls For Immediate Action – Or Adaptation To Sinister Scenarios


High speed mitigation “The high speed mitigation train needs to leave the station very soon and all parties have to get on board,” warns IPCC Chair Rajendra K. Pachauri at the launch of the keenly awaited report of working group III “Mitigation of Climate Change” on Sunday, 13 April in Berlin. It is now proven […]

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The Last IPCC Report On Climate Change: No Panic?


Late March 2014, a report has been released following the meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Japan. Tackling climate change effects is still possible but without some efforts it would be more difficult than ever. We are used to hearing that climate change is happening. Stakeholders repeat that we must do […]

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Pentagon: Climate Change Will Be Devastating


In contrast to many US politicians, the Pentagon believes firmly in climate change. The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) is the principal document that describes US military doctrine, detailing strategic objectives and possible threats. The recently-released 2014 iteration declared that the effects of climate change will be devastating. The latest is the fourth QDR to describe climate […]

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Australian PM Remains A Climate Change Sceptic In The Face Of Droughts

Australian Prime Minister has denied that climate change has anything to do with the recent bout of droughts that have hit New South Wales and Queensland. While visiting some of the beef farms worst affected by the drought, Mr Abbott said: ‘If you look at the records of Australian agriculture going back 150 years, there […]

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