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Pentagon: Climate Change Will Be Devastating


In contrast to many US politicians, the Pentagon believes firmly in climate change. The Quadrennial Defense Review¬†(QDR) is the principal document that describes US military doctrine, detailing strategic objectives and possible threats. The recently-released 2014 iteration declared that the effects of climate change will be devastating. The latest is the fourth QDR to describe climate […]

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Changes in climate mean changes in tea

On January 16 2014, Science Daily reported a project by Professor Colin Orians of the Department of Biology at Tufts University to investigate how changes in climate result in changes in tea. The project will last for four years and is funded by a grant of USD931,000/GBP564,000/EUR687,000 from the National Science Foundation. Research will conceFntrate […]

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Conserving Cultural Heritage In The Face Of Climate Change Threats


When we think about climate change threats, the first image that comes to mind is inevitably a natural landscape in peril. Nevertheless, cities are in trouble, too. No, not a sparsely populated settlement on an oceanic island whose name you may or may not have ever heard before. How about London? Or Prague? These historic […]

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