LEED GA Practice Exam: The 4 Best Options Available

LEED GA Practice Exam

Taking an LEED GA practice exam is a great way to prepare for the test.* The LEED® Green Associate™ Exam is two hours long and contains 100 multiple choice questions. The exam tests general knowledge of green building practices as well as LEED standards. Passing the test can advance your career and boost your credibility. Things To […]

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Green eCommerce – 2 Simple Steps Entrepreneurs Can Take to Go Green

Green Ecommerce

Green ecommerce, or eco-friendly ecommerce, refers to the practice of selling products online using methods that limit the impact on the environment. Lately, there has been a huge focus from consumers and business leaders on sustainability. Companies that ignore the importance of this movement will be left behind. Online stores can use this opportunity to offer greener choices […]

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Carbon Fees: What They Are and Why They Work For Businesses

Carbon Fees

When was the last time you were forced to pay a fee?  Paying fees discourages behaviors and actions. After all, no one likes to be pay extra money! That is the EXACT thought process behind carbon fees.What are Carbon Fees? Carbon fees are expenses charged based on how much carbon dioxide an organization produces.   In other words, the […]

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Vampire Energy 101: What It Means and 3 Ways to Reduce It

Vampire Energy

Vampire Energy DefinitionEnergy that electronic devices pull from the grid when they are plugged in unnecessarily (either because they are turned off or aren’t in use). Vampire energy increases your electricity bill and puts unnecessary stress on the environment. Check out the infographic below from Payless Power.Our writers often reference products and services in an effort […]

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13 of the Best Eco-Friendly Tote Bags You Can Get on Amazon

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

At Sustainable Business Toolkit we love items that are easy to use and help save the environment; these eco-friendly tote bags do the trick! Having a tote bag can be a fantastic way to use less plastic. Opting for reusable bags instead of plastic bags reduces pollution, protects wildlife and saves the environment. Below are some […]

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Is Dropshipping The Right Business for You? 4 Tips to Consider

Dropshipping Tips

These four dropshipping tips can help in deciding if dropshipping is the right business for you. As with any business, it is important to analyze all of the facts and risks before making a decision. This article offers considerations that we hope are helpful and should not be interpreted as advice or a recommendation.  The chances […]

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5 Easy Tips To Help Keep The Environment Clean

Keep the Environment Clean

The health of our planet depends on each of us doing our part to keep the environment clean. It is important for individuals and businesses to take steps to protect our planet. Below are some tips and products for sale via our partners, where we receive a percentage of sales made, that anyone can use […]

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Top 10 U.K. Food Sustainability Initiatives


There is a growing awareness that 15 million tons of food wasted in the UK each year isn’t ok. But waste isn’t the only problem: our diets affect the climate. Eating sustainably could achieve a 25% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across the EU food supply chain. It’s vital that we learn how to eat […]

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15 Prime Examples of Social Responsibility in Business

Corporate Social Responsibility Examples

Companies use Corporate Social Responsibility to analyze their impact on society a whole. This includes their environmental, social and philanthropic impact. Below are examples of Corporate Social Responsibility companies use to make an impact that stretches further than their bottom line. Corporate Social Responsibility ExamplesEnvironmental Examples1. Building green office spaces Commercial buildings use a lot of energy […]

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The Environmental Impact of Styrofoam Cups

The Environmental Impact of Styrofoam Cups

Styrofoam cups are convenient because they are cheap and lightweight. However, it is important to understand how they impact the environment. Styrofoam Cups – Environmental Impact Land and Water Pollution Americans reportedly throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups every year! Unfortunately, Styrofoam is non-biodegradable. Meaning that instead of breaking down completely overtime, Styrofoam cups break […]

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