Support For London Commuter Who Stripped In Protest At Heat On The Tube

The average city worker does not usually get off the tube at Monument wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts – but Mungo Strachan is anything but average.

You may hear a few commuters moaning about the summer heat on the London Underground as they head to any office space Monument London offers, but few would have the barefaced cheek to strip off in protest. Headhunter Mungo had the naked ambition to have his complaints heard, however, and ensured this happened by choosing to carry his suit instead of wearing it.

Publicity opportunity

Scotsman Mungo, a senior consultant at Apollo Solutions, joked that he was prompted into action because summer temperatures in London feel tropical to him. He also has a friend who sells boxer shorts – making his strip a perfect advertising opportunity, especially as pal Henry Philip only launched Henri James boxers a fortnight before the stunt. The fact that he is also a rugby player who turns out for south west London’s Rosslyn Park cannot have failed to attract attention, either.

The cynical person may question the authenticity of 23-year-old Mungo’s protest, but his complaint has certainly struck a chord with other commuters. He uses the District Line to travel between Baron’s Court and Monument but he has been inundated with support from Underground users across the city. The Twitter social media site received an influx of Tweets to the #nakedcommuter from fellow travellers who are fed up with their hot-house commutes.

Mungo himself has been surprised by the reaction, claiming that he had no idea how much attention he was going to get. He is pleased, however, by the amount of support he has received from people he has never even met. Even the wife of Conservative MP Robert Syms, Fiona-Natasha Syms, has spoken out in support of Mungo, calling the London Underground ‘a sauna’. In July 2013, the London Evening Standard reported that the temperature on the Central line had hit 34.2 degrees Celsius – four degrees hotter than it was in Bali at the time.

Cooler trains on the way

Transport for London (TfL) have defended the network in the wake of Mungo’s protest, saying that there are already air-conditioned trains running on the Hammersmith & City, Circle, and Metropolitan Lines. It has promised that by 2016 there will be a total of 191 air-conditioned trains operating across around 40 per cent of the underground network, including the whole of the District Line.

In the meantime, more commuters may be persuaded to travel in next-to-nothing, although Mungo does have some words of warning, as neither his girlfriend nor his boss are that impressed by the on-going reaction to his stunt. He admits that his boss would like the attention to stop and his girlfriend thinks the whole debacle is taking over his life. She is also worried about the girls who may be attracted by the publicity and her boyfriend’s rugby player physique. Mungo admits that she found the whole thing funny at first but now thinks he may have undressed and impressed just a little too much.

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