Simple Ways To Make Your Start-Up More Sustainable


Sustainability and being environmentally-friendly is key in today’s society. Customers expect to buy from or use businesses that make an effort to reduce their impact on the world – it’s getting more and more important to show your eco credentials. There’s been a boom in ethical businesses starting up, selling everything from food and coffee to clothes and books.

However, not all businesses can center on sustainability. Your business plan might be to provide marketing consultancy or become a leading tech company.

So, what do you do then? You still want to show that you’re making an effort to be sustainable and ethical. Well, there’s a number of things you can do to ensure your business is not leaving a large carbon footprint.

Use modern technology

Your old desktop computer might still be going strong, but it’s guaranteed to be more harmful to the planet. From the components it’s made out of to the amount of energy it needs, your old device isn’t great for the environment. So, start looking for the best modern devices. They’re guaranteed to be faster and more powerful, while using less energy to get the same result. You should also be cautious about the technology you buy. The more you have, the more electricity you’ll be draining: is there a reason for owning a few different brands of tablet? Probably not. Likewise, if you suffer an IT catastrophe, like losing your data or corrupting your hard drive, opt for using a Secure Data Recovery service, instead of binning it and buying new.

Be conscientious about what you’re using

It seems obvious, but one of the best ways you can be more eco-friendly is just by being conscientious about how you act and what you use. Not printing files and documents, or going paperless, is a key aspect: read them on your laptop or tablet.

There are many programs that let you edit, annotate and alter documents, so you don’t have any real reason to print them off. You can even get applications that let you sign contracts, so you can digitize everything that was once printed off.

Another key behavioural trait to pick up is switching devices and plugs off. It’s not enough to just close the lid of your laptop – actually turn it off. Leaving devices on standby wastes a lot of needless electricity.

Investigate your suppliers and partners

A key way you can make a difference is by only working with suppliers and partners who have solid environmental credentials. When you’re looking for a supplier, ask to see evidence of their environmental policy, and ask them what their effect is on the environment. It might make the process slightly longer, but it’ll give you peace of mind that you’re using reputable companies.

Sustainability has become a standard part of procurement for larger companies, so instilling it into your start-up will put you in good stead for the future. Likewise, you can then say that your entire business is founded on ethical principles – which will make your products or services more appealing to a larger audience.

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