7 Residential Business Trends To Watch

residential business industry trends 2019

The residential business industry is growing, with more residents demanding housing every month.

If you’re thinking of going into this line of business yourself, here are a few trends to keep in mind.

Residential Business Industry Trends

1. More Demand, Limited Supply

Since almost everyone wants to settle down and have kids, the population in most countries keeps growing. This means that there are more and more people in need of housing every single year, while actually creating that housing might take a lot of time. The reasonably priced places are obviously the most in demand and least in supply.

2. Hopping Online

Millennials usually search online whenever they have a query, so it’s only natural that they would do the same when looking for a place to live. Anyone can conduct a search and find out if there are any vacancies available at UC Davis Housing in West Village Apartments. They might also reserve a tour by visiting http://www.carmelapartments.com/the-u-davis-ca.

Potential buyers or renters hence no longer have to depend on an agent to get started on their search for a new home. They can usually construct a list of likely properties on their own.

Realtors are also making use of new technology by launching sites that virtually show a potential customer what they might expect from a certain listing.

3. Smart Technology

The residential real estate market is also seeing the evolution of smart technology installed in new homes. A smart thermostat that the homeowner may control using their smartphone is one such example.

Another example is the smart lights that one can operate using a smartphone app too. These options will conserve energy and save money along with being more convenient for homeowners.

4. Apartments Are Always in Demand


In 2018, there were several new apartment units available in many areas. This was partly due to the huge demand by nuclear families, couples, singles, and other parties who want an affordable place of their own.

Many people are now on the lookout for a place that they can get as a starter home before moving on to larger places. This indicates that people prefer apartment living for numerous reasons.

However, there are fewer apartment units constructed now than there were a couple of years ago. At the same time, the vacancy is also at an extremely low point. This means that, when finding apartment rentals, you’ll see how rates are experiencing a steady rise.

residential business trends

5. More Realtors

One sign of a healthy economy is an increase in the number of such real estate businessmen. An increased number of people are attending real estate classes and hoping to join this lucrative field. There have also been expansions in many real estate companies in the past few years.

6. The Remodeling Trend

If there isn’t a pressing external reason to move, many homeowners now prefer to remodel their current home. This is also due to the low supply of new homes. Remodeling not only gives a new feel to a house but also increases its resale value. Helping homeowners save money for buying a new home.

Of course, there’s also the obvious advantage of remodeling being much cheaper than buying a new home.

The rising real estate prices definitely have a hand in the remodeling trend taking over the industry.

7. Continual Expansion

If we’re talking about a moderately developed economy, one may safely expect the real estate market to expand. New housing schemes and residential blocks are moving further out every year, with cities expanding along with them.

The Bottom Line

The above trends can help you understand the residential real estate market better and hence make more informed investments.

The residential business trends do vary somewhat from area to area, so make sure you also conduct a bit of local research before conducting your own business in the real estate industry.

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