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Renogy solar panels are some of the best in the industry. There are tons of options to choose from for every situation. 

Whether you are looking for solar panels to use on your house, RV, boat, truck, camping trick, or off-grid cabin, Renogy solar panels can fit your needs. 

Below is a full review of Renogy solar panels and a buyer's guide to help you decide which one is best for you! 

Renogy Solar Panel Review

We reviewed the top Renogy solar panels to see which is the best. There was one clear winner. 




More Info

-100W Single Solar Panel

-Easy to Install


-Best Reviews

-Lowest Price

-Budget Friendly 

-Entire Kit

-Includes Cables, Adapters, etc.

-100W to 400W


-Great Reviews


-Single Flexible Solar Panel


-Curves up to 248 degrees

-50W to 200W

-Easy installation

-Can go on any surface

-Foldable Solar Panel

-Includes Cables, Adapters, etc.

-100W to 200W

-Easy to carry

-Folds down to the size of a suitcase

1. Renogy 100W Solar Panel | Best Reviews & Budget Friendly

Renogy 100W Single Solar Panel - Renogy Solar Panel Review

Most people use this solar panel on their home, RV, boat, or while off-grid. 

It is a simple single solar panel that works well in all weather conditions. It is 14.1lbs and about 41inches long. 

Furthermore, Renogy offers 24/7 customer support in case you have any questions. It is easy to see why they have sold over 5 million of these panels to sustainability enthusiasts all over the world!

2. Renogy Solar Panel Starter Kit | Most Convenient, Has Everything You Need

Renogy 100W Solar Panel Starter Kit - Renogy Solar Panel Review

If you are looking for convenience, grab the Renogy 100W Solar Panel Starter Kit! 

It has everything you need including cables, adapters, a charge controller, mounting brackets, and pre-drilled holes for easy installation. 

Also available with a 12V battery and 4 panels with 400W for those who want maximum power. 

3. Renogy Flexible Solar Panel | Ultra Lightweight and Flexible

Renogy 100W Flexible Solar Panel - Renogy Solar Panel Review

The Renogy Flexible Solar Panel is perfect for boats, RVs, and tear-drop campers, or Airstreams. You can stick it almost anywhere!

At only 4.2 lbs, the Renogy this model is lightweight and easy to install with adhesive or using the grommet holes. 

Additionally, it is 95% thinner than traditional solar panels making it ideal for stealth van life and camping. 

Our readers love that it can withstand extreme wind and snow and curves up to 248 degrees. 

4. Renogy Portable Solar Panel Kit | Folds Down, Easy to Carry and Store

Renogy 100W Foldable Solar Panel - Renogy Solar Panel Review
Portable Design, Easy to Carry Around - Renogy Solar Panel Review
Folds down for easy storage - Renogy Solar Panel Review

The kit includes a 100W solar suitcase, a 20A waterproof charge controller, and alligator clips. It is compatible with multiple kinds of 12V batteries so you can easily add it to your existing system.

Our readers love this product for camping or overlanding and have peace of mind knowing it is compatible with almost every battery and system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Renogy make good solar panels?

Yes, Renogy makes high-quality standard solar panels and flexible solar panels. They offer a variety of solar panels and solar panel kits that fit every budget.

Most of our readers use them to power their RV, boat, or home. Others use them while off-grid or camping.

2. Is Renogy a good brand?

Yes, Renogy is a good, well-known brand. They focus on creating DIY-friendly, reliable renewable energy products.

Renogy was started in 2010 and is based in California.

3. How long do Renogy solar panels last?

Renogy solar panels are built to last for 25 years. 

4. What can Renogy 100W solar panels power?

Renogy 100W solar panels can power your cell phone, laptop, small tv, CPAP machine, and other small devices and appliances.

Those looking for more power can Renogy 200W-320W panels in multiple kits and arrays

5. Are Renogy solar panels easy to install?

Yes, Renogy solar panels include pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation. 

Renogy Solar Panel Features

1. What's in the Box

Renogy solar panels arrive well-protected in solid packaging.

Renogy Protective Packaging - Renogy Solar Panel Review

The single panels include m4 cables and have pre-drilled holes for easy installations. Alternatively, the solar panel kits include cables, adapters, a charge controller, and mounting brackets. 

2. Size and Weight

Renogy solar panels standout because of their size and weight. They are much more compact and lightweight when compared to other solar panels on the market. 

Their weights range from 4lbs to ~30lbs and their dimensions range from ‎‎41.8 x 20.9 x 1.38 inches to 64.96 x 26.38 x 1.38 inches.

Great for people that have space constraints, especially on an RV or a boat. 

3. Installation and Mounting

Installation is easy due to the pre-drilled holes and the panel's light weight make them easy to mount.

4. Power and Efficiency

Renogy solar panels have excellent power and efficiency.

Ultimately, the Grade A+ solar cells make the difference. They have 22% high efficiency PERC cells that won't crack and can withstand all sorts of weather.

5. Quality

Finally, the quality is great. Are they the best solar panels we have ever tested? No. But they are an excellent value, especially for the price. Plus, they have great reviews from our readers. 

Top Alternatives

1. EcoFlow Solar Panels

These are elite solar panels and are truly the best ones we have ever seen. Especially when paired with their award-winning solar generators.

2. Newpowa Solar Panels

Similar to Renogy, but even lighter (13.2lbs) and newly updated.

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