Renewable Energy In Business And Industry


Public awareness of renewable energy and its benefits has rapidly grown in recent years, but this trend has not been adopted as quickly by business and industry.

Having said this, more recently, there has been a significant shift in the way that large businesses and manufacturers view innovations in renewable energy.

Advances in technology coupled with tried and tested methods of going green have meant that renewable energy has become less costly and more efficient and is now a genuine option when it comes to energy sources and consideration for the environment.

While business and industry may make significant and long term energy decisions for commercial reasons, environmentalists and the general public will still be heartened by the widespread interest and adoption of green energy sources.

The Rise of Renewable Energy

The growth in renewable energy use has been fuelled by the fast pace expansion in developing countries where there are less obstacles to installing environmentally friendly power plants.

In most cases, these plants may be the first source of industrial power being built as opposed to fresh investment to replace existing energy sources in developed countries.

As a result, renewable energy in business and industry has now grown to such an industrial scale that it is now a viable alternative to fossil fuels that manufacturing and commerce have relied on for hundreds of years.

Clean energy such as solar, wind, and biomass are some of the tried and tested methods whose contribution to the amount of power the world produces has been steadily rising over recent years. From wind turbines to solar panels and commercial biomass, or chp, many large commercial institutions and industrial organizations are now leading the way in green energy use.

In addition, political initiatives and public policy in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Germany has meant that sustainable energy economies have grown and been more readily adopted by business and industry.

Has the adoption of renewable energy by business and industry come just in time?

It is not only the cost and ease of using renewable energy that has led to this growth, as climate change concerns are the main driving force behind this huge shift in perception.

The impact of human activity on nature and the world’s climate has meant that there is now a genuine attempt being made to find reliable, affordable, and safe energy sources to replace the finite and more harmful fuels that are still in use today.

Ultimately, business and industry have a part to play in relation to the environment and renewable energy. As some of the biggest consumers of power in any economy, by adopting green energy large businesses will then pass on the benefits to end user consumers through better efficiency of power solutions and lower costs while also helping to protect the environment.

There has been a change in opinions and with renewable energy fast becoming an essential component of the future of business and industry as well as the planet, sustainable power sources can only continue to grow.

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