The 13 Most Common Pet Office Peeves


For most of us the office is where we spend the majority of our time and with that being case, it can become impossible to not get annoyed from time to time with either the office environment or the people within it.

Whether it’s annoying office lingo being relayed from higher powers or colleagues typing loudly, even the littlest things can infuriate you when you’re stuck within the confines of your office.

Read on to find out more about these 13 common office pet peeves which are bound to drive you crazy!


There’s nothing more annoying than knowing that people aren’t listening to you.

In fact, a survey by revealed that employees in the UK ranked people not listening as the biggest office pet peeve. Not only does not listening stop you from getting your message across, but it means that you’ll have to repeat it again and again.

Asking for things

In the same survey by, it was also revealed that more than a third of UK employees are worried about asking their boss for time off sick. In addition to this, one in five employees are even uncomfortable asking for time off for a holiday…. which they’re entitled too.

Bosses can be terrifying at times, but you should always feel comfortable asking for something you’re entitled to.

Not returning emails

Workers have an awful habit of allowing their unopen emails to pile up, so much so that they don’t even bother responding to them.

By not returning emails you’re only going to slow down work for others and are at risk of forgetting something important.

Yes, you may be busy, but try and respond to emails as soon as you get them so everything you’re working on can move forward smoothly.

Long Meetings

Unnecessary meetings are no fun for anyone!

They distract you from your work, disrupt your working flow and when they drag on they’re even worse.
If you’re feeling brave enough, relay how you feel about long meetings to your boss and suggest a few changes that’ll make your working day a lot more productive.

No Wi-Fi

Nowadays, a good internet connection is pivotal to running an office. For offices that operate purely by Wi-Fi, when connectivity goes down it can be a nightmare.

A lack of connection to your computer, mobile phone or Wi-Fi printer can sometimes lead to hours without getting work done, completely disrupting operations.

Make sure that your office has a reliable internet provider to ensure that this problem doesn’t occur often.

Body Odour and Flatulence

Body odour and flatulence is horrible whenever you’re in the company of anyone, but when you’re bringing it into the office it’s considerably worse.

If you bring a horrible odour into the office then you’re putting your colleagues through hell as they have nowhere else to go.

There’s a very simple solution to this, and although it might be awkward, encouraging your employees to practice good personal hygiene will benefit everyone in the office.

Dirty Cutlery

To create a good office harmony everyone needs to pull their weight, and when it comes to washing up after yourself, this couldn’t be more relevant.

Why should a co-worker have to clean up your dirty cutlery just because you couldn’t be bothered to do so?

Don’t run the risk of annoying you colleagues by cleaning your cutlery once you’re done with it – keeping your kitchen clean and tidy will certainly earn you brownie points in the office!

Untidy Desks

Even if you think this is just your problem then you’re wrong…nobody likes looking at an untidy desk.

It can diminish the appearance of an entire office and even worse, dirty desks can leave a funny smell too, especially if you eat at your station.

Overusing the printer

Whether your office owns a portable printer or wireless printers, there is one thing you can guarantee…they will generate a ton of waste.

Offices waste countless sheets of paper purely through negligence. To stop you from making the same mistake, proof read any important documents before printing them off to ensure that you’re not wasting paper that other people can be using.

Annoying Phrases

Let’s face it, using buzzwords in the office doesn’t stimulate any worker, it just leaves them confused.

If you want to get your message across to your employees or co-workers, talk in a way that they’ll understand you.

According to researchers at Igloo Software, the most annoying office phrase is ‘Think outside the box’ with just under half of respondents in the survey admitting to being agitated by this particular piece of office lingo.

Loud Typing

It may seem like a minor thing and you probably don’t even notice you’re doing it, but overhearing a colleague whacking their keyboard can be very distracting.

Once you’ve heard somebody battering their keys, it’s very difficult to unhear it. Show some consideration for those around you by learning how to be gentler with your keyboard.


Don’t be dependable on others to make you cups of tea or coffee without offering anything in return.
Everyone’s busy and a large tea round can be quite time consuming, so save time for your other colleagues by sharing the load with them.

Loud Music

If you’re allowed to listen to music in your office, then great. However, remember that everyone has individual tastes, so by blasting out music through your headphones, you’re bound to be annoying somebody in your vicinity.

People can work with music on and some can’t, so to avoid annoying your co-workers, ask those around you whether they’re being distracted by you playing your music and whether you should lower the volume.

One thing is crystal clear, if you want to maintain popularity within your office, avoid any of these annoying pet peeves!

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