Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Pallet Wrapping Machine

invest in a pallet wrapping machine

A pallet wrapping machine sounds like a piece of equipment that you may not really need until you try it. And when you do, it is like it has taken your breath away! Without trying to oversell this piece of equipment, we want to offer Australian businesses valid reasons as to why they should invest and reap the benefits from pallet wrapping machines. So if you own or are managing a warehouse that is involved with the management of stock inventory, then you need to read the following.

Reduce your pallet wrapping material costs by over 20%.

When it comes to warehouse management, wholesale packaging supplies and operational efficiency, reducing your costs is essential. If you have your labour staff manually wrapping your pallets, then it is likely that you are missing cost saving opportunities offered through pallet wrapping machines. And here is why.

  • The pre stretch film that is used to wrap pallets is usually underutilised when it is applied manually.
  • It has been said that one roll of pre-stretch film can be stretched up to 240 times its original length when used on a pallet wrapping machine as opposed to a 10-20% stretch when it is done by hand.


Avoid underutilising the potential of your shrink-wrap by using a pallet-wrapping machine.

Consistent wraps.

For anyone that has done pallet wrapping, they know that the pallet needs to be wrapped securely and consistently. This often isn’t done as well with manual wraps as it may require the staff member to go around the pallet up to or around 20 times. A pallet-racking machine could consistently wrap the pallet 50 times. The added consistency will ensure the stock is protected and will be suitable for storage and distribution.

One of the other areas that affect pallets during transportation and storage is damage. This is usually because the pallets haven’t been wrapped properly. Damaged stock will cause more financial hardship on the business. An investment in a pallet wrapping machine can minimise damage and ensure high quality wraps are provided every time.

Warehouses can reduce their labour costs.

Manually wrapping pallets usually requires one staff member per pallet. The staff member may need to spend between two to five minutes correctly wrapping the pallet. Depending on the type of warehouse and stock picking activities, each staff member could be wrapping ten or more pallets per day. It isn’t uncommon for warehouse’s staff wages to be between $20-30 per hour. Over the course of the day, up to one hour could be spent wrapping pallets, resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars being spent each day on labour to wrap the pallets. These are high overheads to maintain. By investing in a pallet wrapping machine, the process is automated and employees only need to worry about the picking and delivery of the stock.

The packaging looks professional.

If you want your product to look clean and professional, you will get this finish with a pallet wrapping machine. Unfortunately with manual wraps, the product will have an amateurish finish due to the wrap looking erratic and inconsistent. The better image projection your pallet provides, the better perceived value your product will receive.

Savings on training costs.

Employees need to be trained on how to wrap the products correctly. The way the product is wrapped is the last impression and final step before it gets sent to the customer. It is the first impression that the customer will have of the product once they receive it. It may require several training sessions to get existing and new staff to wrap the pallets so the product can meet the customer’s expectations. A pallet wrapping machine will remove the need for ongoing training. The only training that will be required will be how to operate the machine.

For many Australian warehouses that need to distribute higher volumes, the need to wrap pallets is necessary in order to ensure the security and distribution safety of inventory stock. Pallet wrapping machines are some of the most cost justifiable equipment in the warehouse management process. Enquire about pallet wrapping machines to improve your warehouse management today!


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Lloyd Bronson says September 11, 2019

I am glad to see that with the addition of a pallet wrapping machine, warehouses can reduce the costs of labor as the workers will be able to focus on other tasks alongside the wrapping process. My cousin is interested in opening a manufacturing warehouse in the near future but is unsure of what investments to make. I will be sure to relay the tips in your article to him!

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