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How The Internet Of Things Can Make Your Office More Sustainable


As everything from refrigerators to cars become connected to the internet, data and feedback allows these everyday objects to become more responsive. Although it’s still a work in progress, the Internet of Things (IoT) as it currently stands could already help offices become greener. New office buildings come equipped with smart sensors to automatically shut […]

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Best Environmental Books – Must Reads, Should Reads and More Reads

best environmental books

In this list of Best Environmental Books, we have captured the ‘must read’ books covering environmental issues and topics from sustainable business and climate change to environmental economics and philosophy. Whether you are a business owner looking for concrete guidance and blueprints or are an enthusiast eager to learn more, there is a book for […]

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The World In 2035: 2015 Paris Climate Summit

2015 Paris climate summit

With many commentators predicting a somewhat bleak future dominated by climate chaos, it’s time to take a look at what a sustainable world would look like 20 years from now….. “After waking in 2035 I find the world has shifted to a more sustainable state than when I left it in 2015. My last memory […]

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Why Hire A Residential Electrical Contractor?


Are you looking for a quality electrical contractor? While there are some jobs you may want to attempt on your own, when it comes to a home electrical system, hiring a professional is often a smart move, especially if you don’t have any prior experience with this type of work. Some of the most common […]

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Top Eco Friendly Gadgets For The Home And Office


As Kermit the Frog so memorably said, it’s not easy being green. When we’re trying to lessen our environmental impact, the home and office quickly become obstacle courses. New dilemmas present themselves, revealing ordinary objects and activities to be fossil fuel hungry, inefficient, or just plain wasteful. Thankfully, the booming green economy is here to […]

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Practical Green IT Ideas For The Office


In this article Kelly Millward discusses practical green IT ideas – ways that you can improve the sustainability of your office equipment. IT is a booming industry, responsible for e-shopping, e-waste, cloud computing and increases of users accessing mobile devices and Internet. At present, IT is considered to contribute 2% to global emissions and is […]

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Tourists Shy Away From Beijing Air Pollution

The economy of China has risen mightily, but this is the result of a Faustian bargain that has seen pollution rise precipitously. Beijing is surrounded by mountains that trap the soot-laden air. Beijing and other cities in northern China have recorded their worst air pollution readings ever. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that 656,000 […]

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The Opportunity For New Green Enterprises In The UK Green Economy

According to Nick Clegg at the Rio+20 talks in June 2012, the UK green economy is already estimated to be worth 8% of GDP and is one of the few bright spots in our economy, growing at 4.7% per annum. The green economy includes energy efficiency and generation, waste reduction and the long-term management of […]

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