Your Part In Saving The Planet: Job With An Online Engineering Degree


The internet has made education much more attainable than before, but can an online masters in engineering really be worth much in the job market?

If you are thinking about completing a masters of engineering online, then this is a consideration that you must factor in before taking that leap.

The good news is that the employers have become much more accepting of Internet-based courses nowadays than they were before, but there are, of course, a lot of other factors that we will now discuss below.

The Changing Attitude

If this was 2007, there is no denying the fact that an online engineering degree wouldn’t hold as much sway over an employer as a regular engineering degree would, but it’s almost 2018 and perception has changed for the better. Not only have people realized that there is no difference in education between an online engineering graduate and a regular engineering graduate, but there’s more to it.

Students who had passed out of online programs years ago have themselves attained important positions in their respective fields and that more or less eliminates the discrimination factor between the two during employment. Of course, that’s not always the case yet, but the situation is definitely a lot more favorable.

Reputation vs. Mode of Education

Surveys show that while recruiting, companies are more concerned with the university or engineering school that the candidate passed out of, rather than the mode in which he/she completed it.

This means that an online master of engineering degree from the University of California Riverside means the same thing to them as a regular master’s degree in engineering from the same university.

What matters more is the reputation of the institution and the candidate’s performance throughout the duration of the course.

It Displays Dedication

If you are already an engineering undergrad who is working at a company, your employer might see your efforts to keep your job and put in the extra effort to build a brighter future as a sign of discipline and dedication.

Some companies even pay their employee’s tuition fees on the condition that they will continue to work for them for a prefixed number of years, post-graduation.

As an employee, you gain experience, retain your job security and become more valuable at the same time, thanks to the flexibility which online education provides.

You Don’t Have to Mention It

If you are appearing for an interview at a new company, it isn’t a requirement (unless stated specifically) to mention on your resume that you have completed your master’s in engineering via an online program. There is no need to say so unless the topic is brought up by the recruiter.

As long as you are confident in your own abilities to do the job that you are applying for, it doesn’t matter, so there’s no point in bringing it up without sufficient cause.

The future of education itself is dependent on the internet, so it shouldn’t really be of relevance that your engineering degree was earned online because there’s hardly any difference at all.

However, you need to concentrate on finding the right institution and making sure that it’s accredited because that’s what really matters during a job interview.

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