Office Design Trends 2017

Office Design Trends 2017

If you’re thinking it’s about time you overhaul your office to bring a new design and functionality to the space, then look no further.

Here, office furniture supplier Egan Reid bring you a few of the hottest office design trends for 2017, and how you can integrate some unique designs into even the most corporate of office spaces.

You might not realise it, but productivity amongst your employees can be significantly impacted by the environment they are working in, with a recent survey showing that over 90% of workers are dissatisfied with their office space.

An office should provide a flexible working environment that can offer different working spaces for employees, working styles are varied amongst employees and whilst one person might be able to concentrate in an open-plan space, others may prefer a quieter location for certain tasks.

In the past few years, we have witnessed a significant change in the way we are working, with more offices incorporating a social aspect into their environment. This might come in the form of breakout areas, quirky furniture or even an activities room with a pool table, table tennis or even just a TV and some video games!

Whilst business owners do not want to come into an office and see their entire workforce playing games at 9.30am, having a small break and allowing this type of activity will encourage a positive workforce.

Think Outside The Box

And we mean it. Whether you’re a corporate business or going for a fun agency vibe in your office space. Thinking outside of the box will open up your office to so much more opportunity.

If you’re overhauling your entire office design, furniture, the lot, then it will be a good idea to involve your employees in the design process. Having their input will help hugely as this will allow you to understand their likes and dislikes about the current workspace.

The most important thing to any office space is of course keeping the design aligned with the brand image and you as a business. But this doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up. First impressions count, think about this when you are looking at reception furniture etc. when you are embarking on a redesign.

In 2017, people are much more conscious about the impact they are having on the environment. Therefore solutions that offer businesses a chance to re-use, upcycle and recycle much more day-to-day are becoming increasingly popular.

Meeting Room Pods / Breakout Areas

Meeting room pods or breakout areas work especially well if you struggle for room in your office. This is especially true nowadays with the rising cost of rent in cities where a lot of businesses are based.

Creating a different type of meeting room, incorporating a pod system, or even using a breakout area can make a huge difference to the way your employees work each day, creating a positive an ambient atmosphere.

Cable Management Systems

Even the smallest amount of visible cables can make your office environment appear untidy, which can impact on the way your business is viewed by visitors.

Furniture is evolving to work with technological advances in businesses, to allow cable management to become much more integrated.

Offering seamless, cable free solutions to encourage a tidy workplace in 2017!

Functional Storage Solutions

Depending on the size of the office you are working on will determine the kind of storage and how much is required.

But creating functional storage solutions that can be utilised for different things other than just storage is key to maximising the flow of your office and making sure each space is functional.

Storage doesn’t have to be boring, and that’s the key thing to remember when choosing furniture in 2017.


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