9 of the Best Natural Bug Sprays – 2024 Full Review

The Best Natural Bug Sprays

Natural bug sprays can ward off insects and other annoying bugs in the summer or while on vacation. 

The best natural bus sprays are organic, chemical-free, and effective at preventing bug bites. Certified organic and plant-based sprays use eco-friendly ingredients to repel bugs naturally. 

Whether for a backyard barbecue, spending a day on the lake, or the beach, having organic bug spray that won't irritate your skin and that keeps pesky critters away is a must. 

Here is our list of the top 9 natural bug sprays and how to choose the best one for you and your family. 

Best Sellers - Most Popular Natural Bug Sprays

These are the natural bug sprays that our readers buy the most. 

The 9 Best Natural Bug Sprays

1. OFF! Botanicals Plant-Based Repellent

Off Botanicals Insect Repellent - Best Natural Bug Sprays

OFF! is one of the most trusted brands in the industry

Their strict standards ensure that you and your family are protected from mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus, along with black flies, gnats and other pesky bugs. 

This unscented, plant-based formula doesn't have any added dyes and is safe to use on clothing. 

It lasts for hours and is perfect for the gardening, yard work, and for the beach or the lake. Check out all of the positive reviews on Amazon!

2. Greenerways Organic Bug Spray for Kids

GreenerWays Organic Bug Spray for Kids - Best Natural Bug Sprays

Greenerways is THE BEST bug spray for kids. It is DEET-free and hypoallergenic. It soothes the skin and is USDA certified organic. 

The essential oil-based ingredients repel bugs naturally without any harsh chemicals. Kids love that the fresh, citrusy scent and non-greasy feel. 

Have peace of mind knowing your little one is protected with the safest, lab-tested ingredients from a company built to help kids and families. 

3. Badger Organic Plant-Based Family Bug Spray

Badger - Family Friendly natural bug sprays

Out of all the natural bug sprays on our list, Badger is the best long-lasting and family-friendly choice. It protects for 3 hours and doesn't contain DEET or other synthetic chemicals.

It is also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and Vegan - perfect for the whole family!

Badger is a women-owned, family-run business that is also a certified B-corp, meaning they care about their impact on society and the environment. They are the only company on our list with a solar-powered facility!

4. Murphy's Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Insect Repellent Spray

Murphy's is a plant-based lemon eucalyptus oil repellant that lasts for 6 hours!

It works just as well as DEET but is made with all natural ingredients. We love that Murphy's is transparent with their ingredient list. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus makes up 30% of this formula while distilled water and corn ethanol make up 70%. Simple!

Murphy's is also a certified B-corp and donates a portion of its annual revenue to environmental causes

The only downside about this brand is that some of our readers say that the scent is a little strong. However, it still has great positive reviews on Amazon! Check it out!

5. Sky Organics Certified Organic Bug Spray

Sky Natural Bug Sprays - Alcohol & Deet Free

We love how Sky Organics operates. They provide an excellent natural bug spray that is effective and zero-waste!

Sky Organics produces their products in small batches with ingredients such as citronella, and lemongrass essential oils. Plus, their aluminum bottle is 100% recyclable, and they offer an easy way to recycle the sprayer and cap via their website!

Finally, they partner with social enterprises such as Ecologi to plant trees and combat climate change

Their bug spray is USDA certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan, alcohol-free and deet-free. Spray it directly on your clothes and have fun outdoors for hours!

6. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Mosquito Repellent

Repel has a cool, refreshing scent and is non-greasy. It is also made of oil of lemon eucalyptus and lasts for 6 hours, but the scent isn't as strong as some other brands. 

This plant-based formula is deet-free and safe to use on clothes and gear.

We recommend it for outdoor enthusiasts that are serious about protecting their skin from bugs in any environment or on any terrain!

7. Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent

Babyganics is great for little ones and is trusted by parents from all over the world. 

Their proprietary blend of citronella, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass and geranium gives peace of mind knowing you are using all natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals or scents. 

Perfect for babies, kids, and the whole family!

8. Mosquito Guard Natural Insect Repellant

Mosquito Guardis a classic plant-based natural bug spray that is great for travel.

Its TSA approved packaging let's you take it anywhere in the world on vacation or a quick weekend trip. 

It lists the ingredients right on the front of the bottle so you never have to wonder what you are putting on your skin. 

9. Yaya Organics Natural Bug Spray for Sensitive Skin

Finally, Yaya Organics is branded as a product for babies - but it is great for everyone, especially people with sensitive skin.

It is completely hypoallergenic and works to hydrate and soothe the skin when applied. It is also great for pregnant or nursing mothers. 

Our readers love that it is biodegradable too and won't build up in the environment. A win-win!

How to Choose the Best Natural Bug Spray

1. Look for DEET Free Products

If possible, avoid choosing bug sprays with large concentrations of DEET. DEET is a chemical used as the active ingredient in most commercial bug sprays. According to the CDC, some people who use products with high concentrations of DEET experience skin irritation such as rashes and blisters. 

Per the EPA, DEET isn't harmful to the environment or wildlife. However, it is a synthetic chemical that isn't as sustainable as plant-based or natural products. 

2. Stick to Natural or Plant-Based Products If Possible 

Natural and plant-based products use less chemicals. Some are even certified USDA organic, Non-GMO, and doesn't contain parabens, phthalates, and other synthetic fragrances or dies. 

These natural bug sprays are often hypoallergenic and great for people with sensitive skin. They are also more sustainable. 

3. Try to Buy Climate Pledge Friendly Products

Amazon has a new designation for products called "Climate Pledge Friendly". Essentially, all of these products meet certain sustainability standards and are better for the environment

Just look for the "Climate Pledge Friendly" seal!

4. Use What Works Best for You and Your Family

Each person and family should choose what works best for them. Some people prefer products with essential oils while others avoid them. It all comes down to what works best for the individual. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is natural bug spray eco-friendly?

Natural bug spray is more sustainable than bug sprays made with chemicals such as DEET, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances or dyes. Natural bug spray often using organic and plant-based ingredients which puts less strain on the environment. 

2. Is natural bug spray good for sensitive skin?

Yes, natural bug sprays are often hypoallergenic. They usually don't contain harsh chemicals that can irritate people's skins. In our opinion, the best natural bug spray for sensitive skin is Yaya Organics

3. Does natural bug spray have a strong odor?

No, most natural bug sprays are odorless or have a light fresh smell that doesn't bother most people.

4. Where can I buy natural bug spray?

You can buy natural bug spray at your local store. Although, our readers like to buy from Amazon because there is a better variety of specialized products. 

5. Can I make natural bug spray at home?

You can make bug spray at home using essential such as citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and more. These essential oils serve as natural insect-repellents. 

Alternatively, you can use dried or fresh herbs such as fresh mint and basil instead. Just be sure to avoid allergens and consult with a doctor beforehand if necessary. 

6. Is natural bug spray good to use on vacation?

Yes, natural bug spray is great for vacations and any other outdoor activities. Most come in a convenient travel size bottle. 

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