The Process Of Air Sampling In Mold Inspections


There are a number of reasons why gathering air samples for a mold inspection is essential. The human eye is incapable of seeing mold spores, and the actual type of mold that is present can usually be determined with lab analysis of the collected air samples collected. When the samples are analyzed it can also provide details of the severity of the mold problem and determine if exposure has occurred to the spores present.

Air testing or mold removal provides information about the presence of mold spores inside of your home or business. The samples are extracted with a pump that works by forcing the interior air through the device to catch the mold spores.

There are a number of different devices utilized for the collection of air samples including:

  • Impaction samplers: Use a type of air pump that impacts spores on a microscope slide.
  • Cassette samplers: This might be a disposable device that employs forced air that impacts the spores on a collection surface.
  • Airborne-particle collectors: Trap spores onto a prepared culture dish.

How to Know Testing is Necessary

In most situations, testing is needed if there a non-invasive, visual examination results in conditions conducive to mold growth, or the presence of mold. Must odors may be another sign that mold growth is present. If there are no signs of mold, testing the HVAC unit or most used room can provide peace of mind for homeowners.

Air samples from outside are also usually taken as a type of control for comparing indoor samples. This method offers a more comprehensive picture for determining what is actually present in the air that is coming into the house when the doors or windows remain open. It’s important to have the indoor and outdoor samples taken at the same time to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Where Samples should be Taken

Any area that is suspected of mold growth should have air testing completed. Visible mold growth, musty odors, water damage, moisture intrusion or other conditions that are ideal for mold growth are the most common reasons for gathering this type of air sample. Mold poses a number of health risks for residents, with untreated situations leading to serious health complications later on down the road.

The only way a person will be able to get the right mold remediation is by finding a professional to provide them with help. Paying professionals for this work is important and the only way to alleviate this type of issue.

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