Mobile Working Trends – Why An Agile Workforce Is The Future


The workplace is evolving at a rapid pace. Companies are looking for remote workers, meaning employees can work from anywhere in the world and on any device. This has resulted in increased levels of productivity and has accommodated for the Millennial love for freelancing.

Here are mobile working trends that are shaping the future of work.

Remote Workers can Work Anytime and Anywhere

Companies are shying away from employing traditional employees. Workers can now work remotely from home rather than enduring a long commute and boring standard office hours.

Companies can now permit business access to more workers so they can have all the information and communication means they need to do their job effectively.

As workers are working from the privacy of their home, it’s crucial that a company has measures in place to monitor productivity and security. Companies like Advance Systems offer workforce software that monitors attendance, absence management, and employee scheduling making your business mobile workforce ready.

Access To Data and Systems via the Cloud

The advent of cloud computing has really unleashed the potential of mobile workers. Gone are the days where employees had to log in to fixed location computers, intranets, and closed servers.

Companies nowadays run via the cloud, allowing employees to login and access systems and data from anywhere in the world.

Even big data sets are now accessible via the cloud, and entire organisations store and manage their files on services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Big brands use big data, but with cloud computing, employees don’t need to be based in fixed locations to access files and large data sets.

Contractors Bring Higher Productivity

In order to save on costs and decrease lead times, it is becoming more common for companies to hire contractors for field service work. This way, the contracted employees can focus on specific tasks, such as inventory management.

Companies have noticed that contracted employees are more productive and complete tasks quicker as opposed to a standard employee who may be in charge of multiple sectors of the company, decreasing his efficiency.

The Rise of the Freelancer

Millions of people are more interested in freelance work rather than working for a company. Not only does it allow you to be your own boss, most are just as successful as they would be working for a top corporation.

Companies often look for freelancers who obtain a special skill, such as an engineer, strategist, or marketer. When looking for freelancing opportunities in London, these business ideas are guaranteed to be profitable.

Finding the Right Workers

Human Resource departments across all companies have struggled for several years now to find the right people for the right job. It seems the people with certain talents and skill can be hard to come by. Especially in sectors like IT and engineering.

Searching in the pool of freelancers can be successful, as many tech people prefer working for themselves or starting something of their own. Companies can find potential hires here and collaborate with some of the most talented individuals in the business.

Companies Unwilling to Update will Diminish

It is no surprise that companies unwilling to get with times will eventually be left in the dark. Technology is constantly changing and it’s important companies follow along and update their business models accordingly.

These top 100 companies show that people can work from home and still feel fulfilled and productive. Companies like Amazon, Toyota, Williams Sonoma, and Hilton are thriving by employing remote workers. Not only does it keep the employees happy with providing them with the best work-life balance possible, but it also helps companies reduce their fixed labor costs.

Employees Use Their Own Devices

Most people these days have their own smartphone, tablet, and computer. The company shouldn’t waste their own money and provide employees with work specific devices. At the end of the day, most technology does the same thing.

Employees get to use their own devices for work. This means they can work anytime and anywhere. This results in increased productivity. Increases in productivity means more money for the company.

Work is available 24/7 on the Cloud

Remote workers are working from their own desired locations and their own preferred devices. Companies have made everything they will ever need available on the cloud.

This allows for easy access to company resources such as applications or communication tools. Employees can work stress-free while still being up to date with everything going on in their company.

For example, tools like People HR Software allow companies to manage their employees via a cloud-based HR software. All one needs is access to a browser, or in the case of PeopleHR you can even manage your teams via an app.

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