LEED GA Practice Exam: The 4 Best Options Available

LEED GA Practice Exam

Taking an LEED GA practice exam is a great way to prepare for the test.*

The LEED® Green Associate™ Exam is two hours long and contains 100 multiple choice questions. The exam tests general knowledge of green building practices as well as LEED standards. Passing the test can advance your career and boost your credibility.

Things To Look for When Choosing An LEED GA Practice Exam

  • Ensure that the practice exam was prepared by a certified professional associated with the U.S. Green Building Council® or a professional that holds advanced LEED credentials. 
  • Make sure the exam fits your budget. Signing up for the LEED Green Associates Exam is a significant investment, so it is important to choose the right practice exam that gives you the best value. 

We have compiled a list of four quality exams from our affiliate partners. Find the best one for you and crush the test!

LEED GA Practice Exam: The Best Options Available

Best Value: 4 Full Length Practice Exams (400 Question)

Udemy LEED GA Practice Exam - Best Seller - 4 Full Practice Tests

This bundle is offered online by Udemy and comes with 4 full length practice exams at various difficulty levels (amateur, intermediate, professional and expert). With 400 questions to work through, this option is a great value for the price.

The different difficulty levels allow you to build up your skills and gain confidence for the test.

Students also have the ability to contact the instructor and ask questions or receive clarification. 

After completing a practice exam, you automatically receive a summary of your performance. The summary analyzes your strengths and areas of improvements based on the different knowledge domains tested on the exam. Each question includes an explanation on why your answer was right or wrong. 

While this course isn't directly affiliated with or endorsed by the USGBC, it was created by a USGBC® Faculty member. USGBC Faculty members are certified instructors that have obtained advanced LEED credentials. This course instructor's official USGBC page is here

This course has received a lot of positive reviews and is a great option for those that want to prepare for the exam by taking as many full length tests as possible.

Best Budget: 2 Full Length Practice Exams and Summary Sheet

Amazon LEED GA Exam Practice Tests & Summary Sheets Book Cover

This option is a paperback book offered on Amazon. It provides two full length practice exams that are designed to simulate a real exam.

Additionally, it includes summary sheets that provide notes on the standards, programs and definitions tested on the exam.

The paperback format might not have all of the bells and whistles that come with an online version, but it does offer 200 practice questions and great study materials for a low price. 

Ideal for Cramming: Test Prep Study Guide and Practice Questions

Amazon Exam Secrets Study Guide Book Cover

This option is created by a test preparation company called Mometrix and is available on Amazon. We have this as the best option for cramming because it places an emphasis on tips and strategies to optimize your score. 

Mometrix's aim is to not only "teach the material", but also to "teach the test".

This means employing tactics that help narrow down the correct answer based on how a question is asked or how the answers are presented. Similarly, they show students how to avoid "traps" when faced with multiple choice questions and how to avoid careless mistakes.

I can relate to this method.

When I was in high school, I wasn't scoring as well as I wanted to on the SAT. What helped boost my score was a tutor teaching me common test strategies.

For instance, on multiple choice questions she taught me to focus on eliminating three wrong answers so that I would be left with one correct answer. It didn't matter that I wasn't sure why that was the right answer,  I just knew the others couldn't be right.

Likewise, she taught me to watch for words such as "never" or "always" that gave away clues on how to answer correctly. Using these tactics helped me feel more confident, score higher and save time.

This option includes study guides and flash cards as well as tons of tips and practice questions.

Whether you have one month or one week to study, Mometrix believes that its system can prepare you to pass.

Best Overall Exam Prep (Tie): Online Prep Course and Complete Study Guide

Udemy Exam Preparation Course - Best Seller
Amazon Complete Study Guide Book Cover

There was a tie for first in this category. These options are the best courses/guides for complete exam preparation. They include practice questions, study materials and exam tips and strategies.

Most importantly, they chart out full study plans that cover everything necessary for students to pass the exam on the first try.

Happy studying!

* While we use the term "LEED GA" throughout the article for simplicity, it is more accurate, and compliant with various trademarks, to use the full name ("LEED Green Associates") when referring to the exam.

LEED Green Associate credential listed above is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are awarded to individuals under license by Green Business Certification Inc.™. SBT is not affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council® or Green Business Certification Inc.™ USGBC and GBCI do not endorse or recommend the products or services offered in this article.

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