Seven Awesome Jobs You Can Do From Home


Working from home is a relatively new practice. While some welcome the idea and have already incorporated it to the fullest, others are only now learning of the vast potential brought by working directly from home.

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If you are interested in knowing what kind of jobs allow you to safely and efficiently work directly from your own home, continue reading this article as it presents some of the best home working opportunities.

That being said, these are just a couple of examples. The possibilities extend to a far wider range of options.

Virtual Assistant

If you have great organisational skills and a knack for the internet, then you could become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants do all manner of things, ranging from general emailing, helping with managing social media accounts, managing diaries and data input. Pay can range from $10-$20 an hour. Platforms like People Per Hour or Upwork provide many virtual assistant jobs.

Taking Surveys

There are many companies that will pay you to take surveys. Surveys can range from opinion polls on politics to insight on shopping. The pay varies considerably depending on the length of the survey, but you can expect to earn anywhere between $1 and $50, depending on the survey. Companies like and Paid Viewpoint are great places to start.

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Data Input and Transcriptionist

If you are fast at typing and have a keen eye for detail then data input or transcribing people’s podcasts / audio is a great job that pays relatively well, upwards of $25 an hour. You can find awesome data input roles on a site like People Per Hour or transcribing roles on Transcribe Anywhere or Transcribe Me.

Direct Sales

For those with great people skills and the ability to sell then setting up shop as a direct salesperson for a brand can be very lucrative. Some companies offer 20-40% commissions. Popular direct sales products include homeware, jewellery and children’s clothes and accessories / toys. Visit Direct Selling to find companies that offer direct sales opportunities.

Teach a Language

If you speak a foreign language you can easily land a job teaching people how to speak your foreign language. Even if English is your only language, there are many opportunities to teach non-English speakers. You can expect to make around $15 an hour and can find students on sites like Go Fluent and Gumtree.


Blogging is still not seen by everyone as a real job yet, but don’t let the cynics deter you. You can make a fortune from blogging. The key is to be authentic, find a great niche that you are passionate about and then put in the leg work to build an awesome portfolio of content. You will need to understand the basics of Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, but if you have the time and patience you can turn blogging into a real home working adventure. There are many ways to monetise your blog once it has traffic, but the most common routes include: affiliate marketing, online advertising and lead generation.

Starting an Online Business

Finally, if you are looking to exercise your entrepreneurship muscle then it has never been easier to start an online business. The most popular ways to get into online business is via eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, where you can setup an account and sell your own or other people’s products. Alternatively, if you have specific skills that can be sold online either as a service or as a productized offering, then an online business can be amazing!

That’s it for some of the most popular jobs you can do from home. Remember, if you can dream it then you can do it!

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