How to Start a Profitable Eco-Friendly Blog in 30 Seconds

Start an Eco-Friendly Blog

Have you ever wanted to start an eco-friendly blog and make money from it?

Good news! You are 30 seconds away from being the newest eco-friendly blog owner! 

We will show you how to get your blog up and running with just a few clicks using our most trusted tool -  GreenGeeks, the world’s #1 green energy web hosting provider.

Once you are up and running, you can start blogging for profit immediately! 

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How to Start a Profitable Eco-Friendly Blog in 30 Seconds 

1. Pick a Topic 

The first step in starting an eco-friendly blog is to pick a topic. You can write about anything!

Think About What You are Interested In

What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? Think about what excites you and what you are good at. 

PIck a Topic

No Matter The Topic, Your Blog Will Be Eco-Friendly

And don't worry, no matter what topic you choose your blog will be eco-friendly. That is the beauty of using GreenGeeks! More info on that is below.

2. Pick a Name

Now that you have a topic, it is time to pick a name for your blog. In our opinion, it should indicate what the blog is about and match the content.

If you can't think of a name on your own, then ideas from the books below could help. 

Book about how to choose a name for your business
The Naming Book Cover

3. Sign Up with GreenGeeks

This is the most important step to start an eco-friendly blog.

The internet produces almost as much pollution as the airline industry. There are over 1 billion websites that are all hosted on servers. Servers are powered by fossil fuels and consume tons of energy.

GreenGeeks changes that by powering your website with renewable energy credits! They also plant a tree for every customer that signs up. 

GreenGeeks - Green Web Hosting - Start an Eco-Friendly Blog
GreenGeeks Has Partnered with a Non-Profit Called One Tree Planted to Plant a Tree for Every Sign Up

They are running a special offer, take advantage of historically low prices below!

Ready to Get Started with GreenGeeks?

Take advantage of GreenGeeks' historically low prices and start your eco-friendly blog!

4. Use GreenGeeks' Quick Launch Wizard to Get Started in 30 Seconds

Now that you are signed up with GreenGeeks, you can use their Quick Launch Wizard to start your eco-friendly blog in 30 seconds! 

The Quick Launch Wizard is the first thing you see when you log in. 

You can click "Start New Website" to set your blog up in a few clicks. Or, you can click "Starter Site" where GreenGeeks builds your website for you. The "Starter Site" option is free but takes about 24 to 72 hours. 

GreenGeeks Quick Launch Tool - Step 1 to Start an Eco-Friendly Blog

If you click "Start New Website" you can be up and running in about 30 seconds. 

All you have to do is:

(1) Select the app you want to use (most people use WordPress).

GreenGeeks Quick Launch Tool - Step 2

(2) Pick at theme

GreenGeeks Quick Launch Tool - Step 3

(3) And that's it!

Your website is ready to go! If you have questions during the process you can always pick up the phone and call the customer support line. 

GreenGeeks Customer Support

5. Start Blogging for Profit

Finally, get started writing, but with ways to monetize in mind. To get a full breakdown of how to do this, you can check out our article on ways to monetize you blog from day one, to for a deeper dive, check out the book below.

How to Blog For Profit Book Cover

If people find your blog helpful or entertaining, they will keep coming back, and you will feel good knowing you helped them and the environment. 

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