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harvard-extension-schoolI recently connected with Dr. Robert Pojasek, a major thought-leader in the sustainability and corporate responsibility area. In our brief chat Dr. Pojasek mentioned that he runs a Harvard Extension Schools sustainability distance learning course. After hearing about the great course I thought readers of the SBT website would be keen to hear more. So here is a brief summary.

Enter Dr. Pojasek.

About the Harvard Extension School

The Harvard Extension School is 102 years old – perhaps the oldest continuing education school in the world.

There are about 30,000 students taking courses at the Extension School and courses are offered as open enrollment, therefore we get students from around the world.

Sustainability option

One of the more popular courses is our option on Sustainability. Students can sign up for this course without being enrolled in a program. However, it they take the course at the graduate credit level, they can apply for a masters degree program in sustainability management. This degree can be obtained on-line with the exception of the Capstone Course or Thesis option which requires attendance in a summer program of seven weeks at the end of the program.

How does the course work?

Students in the sustainability course are assigned to cohort groups of about 25 people. They discuss the subject content and the case. This information is gathered at the end of the week and is discussed in a live event (described in the Guide to the Course) on Monday evenings.

Distance learners participate by live broadcast with a chat room. Those that cannot attend participate through their fellow cohort members and see the discussion within 24 hours on streaming video. The course focuses on sustainability as it is practiced in a community setting.

Syllabus and guide to the course

The syllabus and guide to the course is posted on the class website. There is good summary information in the front of the guide. Those with questions can contact me at Dr. Pojasek.

Registration is open NOW. Registration closes on January 27, 2013, a day before the class begins. We recommend that people register before the end of December because information will be posted at that time that students should read for the first class. The school is closed around Christmas.

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