One More Reason To Dislike It: Fracking Could Change Your Sex

fracking-could-change-your-sexResearch just published in the journal, Endocrinology, has shown that endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) were found in nearly every sample of water tested in the vicinity of shale gas wells. EDCs are associated with gastro-intestinal, immunological, neurological and respiratory conditions. Children are particularly susceptible.

You should support fracking if you feel you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body

Worse still, fracking could change your sex. EDCs have been found to change the sex of wildlife. In one experiment, frogs found in Africa and Europe were exposed to oestrogen or chemicals that mimicked it. Tadpoles exposed to even minuscule amounts of these substances were twice as likely to become female, while those tadpoles that received the heaviest doses were 95 percent female and, in one case, 100 percent female. Some males became sterile. Elsewhere, polar bears have been left with stumps instead of penises, panthers have atrophied testicles and fish are intersex. This is tantamount to seeing canaries in coal mines keel over.

What the study involved

The University of Missouri’s Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women’s Health worked with the US Geological Survey. They discovered that more than 100 of the 750+ chemicals used in fracking were known or suspected to be EDCs. 12 of these substances were examined at five sites in Colorado’s Garfield County, where there are over 10,000 active natural gas drilling sites, and on the Colorado River, which acts as a drainage basin for the whole region. Oestrogenic substances – those that mimic the activity of the female sex hormone, oestrogen – were detected in 89 percent of samples. That amounts to a great possibility that fracking could change your sex. Fracking was held to be responsible because in areas where there was little or no fracking, the amounts of these substances were considerably lower.


It might be better in Britain

According to the study, there is “a critical need to quickly and thoroughly evaluate the overall human and environmental health impact” of fracking. In the United Kingdom, regulation can be expected to be stricter. In the face of great controversy, Dubya’s administration exempted fracking from the Clean Water, Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Acts and other regimes. The Environment Agency is evaluating those chemicals that have been proposed for use in fracking in this country. More careful fracking could resolve the problem, as the sites studied had a history of spills. While fracking could change your sex, hopefully, John Bull can be more confident that his manhood will be ongoing.

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