The many faces of social media

2015 has certainly been the year of the social network – if we’re not Instagramming selfies with our best friends, then we’re questioning our privacy as a result of Facebook’s recently updated terms of use.

It almost seems laughable to think back to those halcyon days when our biggest social media worry would be bulletins on MySpace – today, social media is further reaching than we could ever have thought. Here are just a few fields that networks like Facebook and Twitter have made their way into in recent years that have risen a few eyebrows.


Thank goodness for social media – were it not for the propensity of networks such as YouTube to go viral, we may not have risen as great as an awareness as we have done of the most important issues there are out there today.

One of the best examples of this was the craze that went viral back in August 2014 – the famed “Ice Bucket Challenge” saw folks from all walks of life throwing buckets of ice cold water over their heads. Some kept it simple; others threw multiple gallons over themselves, and even celebrities from Katie Price to Morgan Freeman got in on the act, but the outcome was the same – to raise awareness of ALS.


It’s always been something of a contentious issue, but with the rise of online and mobile gaming in recent years, it is only natural that gambling sites should make their way over into social media. Barbara Windsor’s unforgettable bingo campaigns set the trend back in 2012 when they made their way into their own Facebook-based games, and now it seems there is a place for all types of gambling on the popular social networking site.

Whether it’s playing the games themselves or just using social media to answer customer queries, many sites are now considering the benefits of using these social networks to spread the world. With rules protecting minors becoming stronger every day, is it no wonder that gambling has made its way onto the Facebook scene.


Think back to 30 years ago, and it would be laughable to imagine Mrs Thatcher posting a tweet. Technological developments aside, it’s hard to imagine over-serious politicians using social networks to get their message across. Now, more than ever, particularly with the current election campaigns, we’re seeing the David Camerons and Ed Milibands of today taking to the humble tweet.

Of course, having a social media account is naturally a magnet to lampooning from the general public, but whether or not we believe in the Russell Brand rhetoric, we have to admit: it’s giving these politicians a lot of media exposure.

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