Electric Motorcycle Trends – What Does The Future Hold?


With the prediction that the electric scooter and motorcycle market will hit 60 million unit shipments by 2024 – the equivalent of $55bn – according to Global Market Insights, Inc., there has never been a more exciting time to follow the progress of electric two-wheel vehicles.

Following the boom of the electric car and advancements in that area of technology over the years, Techanio analysis concluded that consumer confidence in electric motorcycles has grown as a result.

So it is only right to wonder about the predicted electric motorcycle trends and what exactly the future holds in terms of this exciting development.

Lower operating and maintenance costs

Electric motorcycles are, right now, often cheaper than fuel motorcycles. They are much more cost-effective, and the trend is that they will only become more so. Currently, high performing electric motorcycles cost quite a bit to buy (as does any decent bike, realistically) but in the long term, they cost you less to run and keep up.

In the USA alone, a high performing electric motorcycle costs less than one-fourth to operate than gasoline-driven bikes. And the future will only get better price-wise. Especially for maintenance, seeing as the design of the electric motorcycles are so simple. There is no spark plug to change, oil to buy or oil filters to play around with. One of the major electric motorcycle trends is that they are truly low maintenance and thus cheaper than their rivals.

Knowing how much motorcyclists love their gear, cheaper maintenance means more money available for quality accessories, like boots, jackets and helmets.

Improvements in battery technology

The best electric motorcycles have Li-ion batteries with high-energy density. They are quite sporty and do appeal to the more seasoned motorcyclist at the moment, but can be driven safely by someone with less experience. With new improvements in battery technology as one of the electric motorcycle trends, they can whip up speeds of 90 miles per hour and last over 80 miles. They are pretty smart machines, and seeing as their batteries are so intense, they generate a massive amount of torque too.

In the future, it is expected that there will be a lot more to come in terms of battery improvements. With an aim to make electric motorcycles last longer and go further, there will be no stopping the lengths companies will go to in order to reach the electric motorcycle’s maximum potential. Just like with electric cars, it is hoped by many – and believed by some – that one day, electric vehicles will definitely become the future.

Government support

Climate change is an ever-looming threat to all governments, citizens and, of course, the planet itself. And governments are under increasing pressure to step up to the challenge of tackling this pressing issue, so they will be enthusiastic about electric motorcycles just as they are about electric cars.

Government support for electric vehicles has a great impact on people, seeing as in England alone, a reduction in road tax based on lower car emissions made the majority of car drivers switch to diesel vehicles rather than petrol. And other countries within Europe are limiting their emissions, placing a ban on the norm and thus boosting the popularity and funding for electric transport such as motorcycles. One of the electric motorcycle trends you can expect to see is government support and an increase in publicity for these vehicles given the threat of the climate and the voice of the people.

Better charging facilities

It’s absolutely no secret that electric charging points – both for cars and especially motorcycles – outside of major cities are few and far between. It is predicted that one of the new electric motorcycle trends is the widespread and improved implementation of charging points. The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) concept encourages electric motorcycles to be charged much quicker than currently is the case and also aims to make charging points more universal, rather than being varied in their technologies.

This is one of the most important electric motorcycle trends by far as it will undoubtedly facilitate the switch to electric from fuel.

Company cooperation

One of the most interesting electric motorcycle trends predicted by analysis is the company cooperation element. It is thought that the new electric motorcycles will be favoured by businesses, in particular food and drink companies heading out on deliveries. It’s good for them as it’s cheaper in the long run and makes them look better and certainly trendier if they are more environmental this way.

The electric motorcycle trends make for an optimistic view of the industry and the future. We look forward to following these developments closely over the coming months and years, that’s for sure!

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