Top Tips In Building An Eco RV


There are many skeptics of RV travel being green. An RV will affect the environment mostly for its fuel consumption but there are ways to combat this and limit your RV’s ecological footprint.

An RV is often smaller than a standard apartment. This means you will need fewer resources to keep your RV running.
Most of the day, you will take advantage of natural light without the need for electricity. Solar panels are highly effective on the roof of an RV.

To limit your fuel consumption, park your RV and spend more time exploring areas, especially free and open to the public campgrounds.

Solar Panels

This is one of the most commonly used eco-smart features on an RV. It’s a fantastic way to put sunlight to use and let Mother Nature power your RV. Installation costs can be pricey at first but the lifetime of free electricity to come is worth the price.

Solar panels don’t just save you money in the long run, they will also provide you with the freedom to go to remote locations and reduce your carbon emissions. Not to worry about any loud noises either. The solar panels are virtually silent.

An RV is usually best suited with a 400-watt solar system which will generate approximately 2,000 watts. This is enough to power your TV, lights, laptop, water pump, microwave, and fans.

Be fuel efficient

Although RV’s are not commonly known as fuel-efficient vehicles, there are several ways to maximize your gas mileage. Your tires place a huge role in this. If your tires are old, under-inflated, or overinflated this will increase your fuel consumption.

The way you drive also has an impact on your fuel efficiency. Avoid roads with multiple stops and dramatic inclines. This will surely use up your fuel quickly.

An overly heavy RV will cause you to use more gas to keep it going. Avoid packing a heavy trailer in addition to your RV. Both of their weights should be perfectly balanced. Keeping your vehicle in routine maintenance will also keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

To keep your RV running smoothly and fuel-efficiently, install a tire monitoring system. This will monitor your tires consistently and record the pressure and temperature of all of your tires.

If the temperature of your tires goes above 195°F, an alarm will go off. If your tire pressure gets too low, you will also be notified by an alarm. It will also notify you of any air leaks in the tires.

This is an effective tech tool to help you avoid any tire issues and keep your vehicle going for miles to come.


Just because you are living on the road, does not mean to need to sacrifice all of your entertainment needs. After your solar panels are charged, enjoy satellite TV, connect to Wi-Fi, and enjoy your charged devices.

Most cable providers such as DirecTV and Dish Network offer specialized RV packages with satellite dishes. If you aren’t a cable person, there is always the option of streaming Netflix through WiFi.

You may not always have cell phone signal but when you do, you can also connect your devices to your phones hot spot. T-mobile is an especially good service when it comes to cell phone towers in remote areas.


There are three main components of a water system inside an RV. There is the fresh water tank, gray water tank, and waste water tank. Freshwater is the one that you can consume, gray water is used for washing dishes and flushing toilets, and wastewater, aka black water tank, is where all your waste lives.

One feature that is an essential part of your RV is the macerator pump. This pump allows you to empty your black water tank quickly and easily. You no longer have to park close to the waste pipe. Your pump will get your waste from one area of the campground to another in a matter of minutes.

To improve your water system, you can also install an accumulator tank, which collects your water keeping it at a consistent pressure. Water pumps can also be installed to help water get through your taps and faucets at a stronger pressure. To ensure your fresh water is healthy and safe to drink, you can also input a filtration system.

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