Earning Income By Buying Websites


Wouldn’t you love to have foreseen the magnitude of the internet back in the 80s?

Imagine you simply got domains for words like Nike.com, Time.com and the like. People would have no idea why you wanted these ridiculous domains.

Although we don’t have the privilege of such foresight or a time machine, we can take advantage of seeing emerging markets and using that to predict website demands.

In any case, websites have become so inexpensive and user friendly, it makes sense and cents to buy them.

Here are a few ways you can earn income by buying websites.

Flipping Domains

Although stumbling into the next carinsurance.com is unrealistic, buying domains with obvious potential for a few dollars and then selling them for much more is a great way to create some money. If you learn of an innovation or trend, and that innovation is unrepresented by a website, buying the appropriate domain name and trademark makes sense. Think Bitcoin pre the 2017 mass media hype!

You can either use the website to capitalize on the emerging market of the innovation or you can sell it to those who want the names for their companies.

Either way, your small investment can return bigger money.

Using Them For SEO Crossfire

Even if you don’t want to flip a domain, having multiple sites can be beneficial, especially if the domain has expired and has some previous authoritative history.

There is an industry surrounding SEO (search engine optimization) where these types of sites can help the search engine rankings of a primary website. Using multiple sites as a Private Blog Network, allows you to leverage those sites in a way that is beneficial in SEO terms.

Linking from one site to another is a powerful way search engines determine a site’s authority or value.

If you link your site to another, that other site gains in authority. Having multiple sites allows you to provide multiple links to your own primary site (creating authority) and providing an asset to SEO companies who are selling links to their clients.

These SEO companies are often willing to pay you to create these links. The more sites you have the more income potential you have as well.

Cross Promote

One way you can leverage the value of multiple sites is using one site to praise or promote another. You become your own advertisement. Instead of merely selling advertising on your sites, you can advertise your own sites. This increases your web presence and can increase the value of your site for other advertisers and other companies wanting to leverage your site for SEO purposes.

Corner A Product Market

Having multiple sites can allow you to have a heavy presence within a niche. Linking all of your sites together can give your sites the reputation that they are the leaders in an industry.

This can be advantageous if you want to create online stores to sell products. When people shop for those products, your network of sites will become a probable landing spot for consumers. This can be particularly valuable if you can tap into keywords that people search in order to buy certain products or services.

Purchase A Community Driven Site

This can be more expensive in the beginning, but can pay dividends.

When you buy a website with a strong community attached, that community can drive consumption, share information and create a business advantage.

For example, if you bought a site that had an established community of gamers who talk among themselves about video games, owning that site could give you an advantage for selling your games or using their conversations to provide data for targeting consumers.


One way a new domain can be powerful is through redirecting or forwarding, especially if you want to rebrand. A new domain will of course not be well established or as authoritative as your primary domain, but when you redirect your established site to the new site that authority will carry across.

This gives you the best of both worlds. You have a more relevant site name and you have the credibility of the established old site.

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