4 Ways to Close a Business Deal With Your Galaxy S8

close business delas with samsung galaxy

Technology has improved our lives in countless ways. This is certainly true for business professionals, who rely on phones and tablets for everything from booking appointments to running an entire company.

Technology can even help people settle on contracts and reach agreements about business decisions.

However, you need the right tools, such as a quality smartphone on a fast, reliable connection.

With a Galaxy S8 running on T-Mobile’s 4G network, you can use your phone in these four ways to close an important deal.

Signing Contracts

Smartphones are perfect for coordinating meetings, making important calls, and even speaking face to face with clients. These are all essential steps along the way to reaching an agreement. However, when the time comes to actually sign a contract, things can slow down if you’re not equipped with the right technology.

With the Galaxy S8, you can use an S Pen to help with this final, essential part of sealing a business deal. When someone sends you a contract, simply whip out your smartpen, sign on the dotted line, and deliver the document.

Managing Paperwork and Correspondence

Signing contracts isn’t the only paperwork task the S8 can help with. Use your phone for:

  • Scanning: Thanks to its high-quality camera, you can scan and send documents with the same quality that you’d enjoy with a physical scanner.
  • Requesting changes: If you notice anything that needs to be amended with a contract first, you can point it out using notes written with your S Pen. Then, just send the copy back for a quick revision before signing.
  • Sending memos: Another unique advantage of the S8 with the S Pen is the ability to quickly jot down handwritten notes and share them with your team. Use this feature to keep everyone in the loop as your business deal progresses or to send notes to the other parties involved with the contract.

Staying Available With Fast Charging

If you’re ever unavailable at any point while negotiating a deal or signing a contract, you risk giving a bad impression. Though this might not ruin an agreement entirely, it can lead to missed opportunities and put your business relationship on less than ideal terms.

To avoid this, it’s essential to be available at all times — which means having your phone charged and ready to go. The Galaxy S8 makes this easy thanks to its fast charging ability. Plug in your phone and get a full charge from empty in less than two hours.

You can even charge your S8 wirelessly. With a compatible wireless charging pad, you simply set the phone down on the device and it starts charging. S8 wireless charging is also fast-charging compatible, so it will fuel up just as fast as if you had the device plugged in.

Of course, a charged phone isn’t the only thing required to ensure you’re always available. You also need a reliable network. A Galaxy S8 on a reliable network like T-Mobile pairs the many cutting-edge tech features of this smartphone with T-Mobile’s network, which offers better results in terms of download speeds, overall performance, and 4G availability.

Taking Advantage Of Your Bixby Personal Assistant

Bixby is Galaxy S8’s personal assistant. Though this tool helps with lots of everyday tasks and is convenient, it’s also practical from a business point of view.

You can use Bixby to find information that you can use to negotiate a deal. You can also add widgets to provide access to news the second it’s available. If your business deal relies on things like real estate prices or stock trends, for instance, using Bixby is a fantastic way to stay up to date. Bixby also has a reliable translation app, enabling you to quickly translate any portion of a document that’s written in a foreign language.

The S8 is a handy tool that’s wonderfully helpful for business professionals who are eager to close a deal. Take advantage of the functions listed above, and remember to use your device on a reliable network for the best results.

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