Top Tips for Boosting Cell Phone Reception

Top Tips for Boosting Cell Phone Reception

If you have ever had to walk outside to find the right spot to make a phone call or repeated “Can you hear me?” over and over again, then you will understand the frustration of weak cell phone reception.

In this technologically savvy era, we expect fast internet speeds and the ability to call our mom on a Sunday night without the call dropping.

Unfortunately, networks aren’t always keeping up with the needs of their consumers, and improving your cell phone reception may be something you have to take into your own hands.

Here are our top tips for improving your cell phone signal.

Choose the Right Phone and Network

The initial purchasing decisions you make can determine how strong your reception will be. Research which network has a tower closest to your location, and check reviews from other locals in your area. The cell phone you choose shouldn’t just be based on looks, something with a long battery life and superior connectivity is recommended.

For example, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is one of the fastest mobile processors available and is found in some of the newer, premium phone models. Snapdragon has TruSignal, antenna boost technology that uses an advanced closed-loop impedance tuner to optimize signal strength. As a result, users experience greater network reliability, data speeds and call coverage.

Always read the specifications of a new device before purchasing so you can compare it on more than just price. More expensive products may just be worth it for the boost in reception.

It’s All About Location

Where you are can have a significant impact on the type of cell phone coverage you will receive. When there are obstacles such as buildings standing between you and the tower, you may notice a poorer connection.

While it isn’t ideal, if you live in a rural or remote area where the tower is a great distance away, standing near a window or stepping outdoors may help. Once you find the right position, stand still, as walking around could cause your phone to cut out as it tries to maintain the signal.

If it is just a basic phone call you are after, try switching between 2G, 3G, and 4G. Although 2G may be too retro for internet usage, it has been known to offer a clearer, crisper call in those hard to reach places.

Use That Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi signal is strong but your phone reception is poor, then it may be time to mix up the way you communicate. There are a range of different apps available (both free and paid) that allow you to instant message, video chat or voice chat. This allows you to bypass the crackly cell phone reception entirely and take advantage of your speedy internet instead. Whether you use Apple or Android products, there will be a suitable solution available.

Charge Your Battery

When searching for a signal, your cell phone needs to work a little harder than normal. When your battery is running low, it can make it more difficult for a signal to be located. Always try to keep your battery charged before making a call. You may also find if you are experiencing poor reception it will drain your battery faster than usual, as it is constantly searching for a connection. If this is the case, you may benefit from a cell phone signal booster or opt for a phone with a long battery life.

By making a few changes to your buying habits and mixing up the way you use your phone, you can experience improved cell phone reception and steer clear of miscommunication and frustration.

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