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The Forgotten Solution In The Climate Debate Makes It To COP24: Nature Delivers

cop 24 forgotten solution

Climate change is running faster than we are… The COP24 in Katowice started with ominous messages on the urgency to act on climate change immediately and on all levels, echoing the warnings from the recently released report on the impacts of a 1.5-degree Celsius average world temperature increase from the Inter-governmental Panel of Climate Change. […]

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Climate Negotiations In Poland: How Can We Bridge The Gap From Knowledge To Action?

Climate Change Poland COP24

The calls for urgent and immediate climate action are becoming louder and louder. Climate scientists’ findings from the most recent 1.5-degree Celsius report made it to the broader public, the awareness on climate change is higher than ever before around the world. The hope is that this will have a real impact on the climate […]

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Why We Need New Leadership Models For Sustainable Investments

Leadership Models For Sustainable Investments

CEOs are confronted with multiple challenges today: Disruptive economies, market transformations, digitalisation, rapidly changing technologies, and a world marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, the so-called VUCA world. Global trends like climate change and migration contribute to the VUCA world, and CEOs need to increasingly use scenario techniques, set targets based on science, and […]

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Acting On Climate In Times Of Urgency? Yes, We Can!

acting on climate change

Climate science insights are discussed across all sectors today. The report on the impact of a 1,5 degree increase of global temperature that the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change launched in October in Korea, became a priority topic for discussions in policy, business and civil society fora around the world. Acting on Climate […]

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7 Best Practices For Effective Fleet Management

7 Best Practices For Effective Fleet Management

For effective fleet management to take place, there are essential best practices that need to be followed. These best practice guidelines are meant to be used as a tool – not a crutch – to aid fleet management teams. One of the leading aspects of feet management is fleet tracking telematics. This tool can track […]

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Is The World On Course To Exceed The Global Warming Target Of 1.5°C Agreed In Paris?

climate change target paris agreement

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) latest report on the State of the Global Climate confirmed 2017 was one of the three warmest years on record. It was also the warmest year on record that did not feature the effects of El Niño which were present in 2015 and 2016. According to the report the global […]

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The Biggest Issues To Face Fleet Managers In 2019


The management of commercialised vehicles, such as those from Uber, have become an integrated part of our community. These services have become a viable alternative to simply getting a taxi, for needs ranging from getting us to work and getting us home conveniently at night, to bringing us to the airport on time on our […]

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5 Great Art And Craft Sustainable Business Ideas

Sustainable Business Art and Craft Ideas

Sustainable business practices are growing and becoming more and more common around the world as the reality of how wasteful mass production is and how it’s harming the environment. Sustainable, or green, businesses have minimal negative impact on the environment and usually follow a strategy and certain guidelines regarding environmental conservation, fair trade and promoting […]

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Green Business Ideas – Drivers And Benefits Of Green Business

Green Business Ideas

Greening your business can be a great way to reduce costs, win business and inspire your staff. In this article we discuss green business ideas, drivers and benefits of green business action in the hope that some of them will resonate with you and your business! If you are finding it hard to convince people […]

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How To Write An Environmental Policy

how to write an environmental policy

Having a robust and relevant environmental policy is a must in today’s competitive market. A good environmental policy can set you apart from your competitors and help you respond to environmental questions in tenders. Below we explain how to write an environmental policy. How to write an environmental policy The purpose of an environmental policy is […]

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