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Green Business Ideas – Drivers And Benefits Of Green Business

Green Business Ideas

Greening your business can be a great way to reduce costs, win business and inspire your staff. In this article we discuss green business ideas, drivers and benefits of green business action in the hope that some of them will resonate with you and your business! If you are finding it hard to convince people […]

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How To Write An Environmental Policy

how to write an environmental policy

Having a robust and relevant environmental policy is a must in today’s competitive market. A good environmental policy can set you apart from your competitors and help you respond to environmental questions in tenders. Below we explain how to write an environmental policy. How to write an environmental policy The purpose of an environmental policy is […]

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The Rise of Sustainable Investment


The subject of sustainability is an undeniably hot topic at the moment. Forward-thinking businesses and people alike are implementing strategies that will ensure the longevity of their spot in the marketplace as well as have a positive impact on the environment. An increased awareness of impact combined with a highly competitive marketplace that is fuelled […]

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Book Review: Hot, Flat and Crowded


In , Thomas L Friedman presents a compelling and provocative account of the challenges and opportunities facing humanity as the converging pressures of global warming, a widening middle class and rapid population growth begin to characterize the twenty-first century. Together these pressures could make the planet ‘dangerously unstable’ (5): ‘[L]ike the proverbial frog in the […]

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5 Sustainable Building Materials – Brick, Tiles, Concrete…


Earth’s population is growing on a steady pace adding more fuel to the housing crisis in the UK. The growing need of homes sets multiple challenges for the construction industry. At this point, the current building methods are not really sustainable, polluting the environment with huge amounts but not limited only to of CO2. On […]

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Shared Value And Long-Term Competitiveness


Shared value – the idea that social issues can be incorporated into core business strategies to benefit both society and a firm’s financial success – has received renewed attention with the recent publication  of Michael Porter’s article in the Harvard Business Review (I highly recommend the read). The shared value message is not very different […]

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How To Choose Energy Efficient Lighting

energy efficient lighting

Have a good look at your workplace. Try to identify all the electricity using devices – computers, printers, telephones, fax machines, air conditioning units, lights. Yes there are many things that consume electricity in a typical workplace. Here’s the thing though, lights tend to be the biggest consumer, followed closely by AC units and IT […]

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7 Ways To Reduce And Offset Your Car’s Emissions

Ways To Reduce And Offset Car Emissions

Brought to you by MagicQuote the first ever eco-friendly mobile platform for comparing rates and saving money on auto insurance. Did you know the average passenger car produces more than 4 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year? Collectively, cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all US emissions and are a major cause […]

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An Integrated Approach To Sustainable Procurement


Procurement is simply the process by which an organisation goes about acquiring goods and services. Unsurprisingly, the emphasis within most procurement departments is on price and quality. Most large businesses go through a five stage procurement process to maximise these benefits. Firstly, a sourcing decision is made by someone in the business. This person contacts […]

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7 Office Recycling Tips That Will Obliterate Your Waste Cost


When most organisation’s think about going green, the first thing that comes to mind is recycling. Why? Because waste is highly visible and is relatively easy to deal with. The thing is most organisations do a pretty shoddy job with their office recycling initiatives. This is such a shame and wasted opportunity. Done correctly, a […]

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