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Could The Next U.S. President Undermine The Paris Climate Change Agreement?


While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been campaigning hard to see which one of them will become the 45th President of the United States, a number of key milestones have been reached on the Paris climate change agreement. Firstly, four of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the world, the United […]

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Sustainable Fashion Trends In 2016


Fashion and sustainability are two words you don’t frequently hear together in the same sentence. However, things may be changing. It seems that fashion has finally got a conscience and sustainability is now making waves in the industry. From small unknown designers to large commercial outfits such as Levi’s and American Apparel, the fashion industry […]

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Sustainable Tourism – Antarctica On The Brink


When one thinks of Antarctica, images of a vast and untouched wilderness start to emerge. However, what many people underestimate is the sheer number of tourists that actually visit the White Continent each year and how they’re affecting the landscape. Whilst it’s true that most of Antarctica is untouched, the Antarctic Peninsula is another story […]

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Are Modern Casinos Really An Ecological Gamble?


It’s one of the oldest past times on earth, but can we now say gambling has gone green? Whilst many US states severely regulate casinos to stay in bricks and mortar locations – for obvious political reasons – thanks to the internet, other parts of the world have seen a dramatic shift towards online gambling. […]

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Desert Sand From UAE Stores Solar Energy Up To 1000°C

desert sand solar energy

Thanks to new findings and successful demonstrations we could be storing solar energy using desert sand from the United Arab Emirates. According to researchers, the UAE sand is particularly useful when it comes to keeping heat energy up to 1000°C stored in concentrated solar power (CSP) facilities. Scientists from the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology focused on advanced […]

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Fossil Fuels Aren’t The Only Assets At Risk of Stranding

assets at risk of stranding

An interesting new report from sustainability solutions architects Forum for the Future highlights the possibility of stranded assets in the food industry. Assets are ‘stranded’ when they become obsolete, and must therefore be recorded on the balance sheet as a loss. The term is most commonly used to describe the potential ‘carbon bubble’, which sees […]

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South Pacific Tokolau Becomes Worlds First Solar Powered Nation

South Pacific Tokolau

Tokolau, a small island nation in the South Pacific, has become the first country in the world to run entirely off solar power. The grouping of 3 atolls that constitutes Tokolau has achieved another first beyond giving up reliance on fossil fuels. It is the first and only country to meet 100% of its climate […]

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Why We Ridicule People Who Shop Ethically?

ethical shoppers

In the global economy, where too much cotton comes from dictatorship states like Uzbekistan and clothes are stitched in Indonesian factories, where labour standards are galaxy-far from perfect, none of us living in the luxury of the Western world want to think that we are capable of willingly contributing to high levels of exploitation of people and nature. […]

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Let’s Stress Conservation Benefits Of Ecotourism

conservation benefits of ecotourism

If you recently read about the dangers of ecotourism to wildlife, please read on, since a closer look at the new research shows that these findings could be as problematic as they are premature. Forget poaching and the Red Book – the biggest danger to wildlife is “an increased vulnerability of wildlife to predators”, apparently. But thankfully, […]

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You Waste More Food Than Food Manufacturers!


Shocking news from researchers – we waste more food than food manufacturing corporations! Just pause and read this sentence again. And no, it is not an exaggeration. Consumer food waste carries the highest environmental impact compared to losses in  food production, transport, distribution and sales, and it is no longer a problem faced by the reacher countries alone. How can you reduce […]

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