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The Smart City: Using Technology To Reduce Congestion In London

Imagine a city with no traffic at all. You wouldn’t have to get up at 6.30 and skip breakfast. You wouldn’t have to shave or put on your make-up while you sit in an hour and a half of traffic, hoping that there won’t be any further unexpected delays. Instead you roll out of bed […]

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European Horsemeat Crisis Presents An Opportunity For Vegetarianism

The on-going horsemeat crisis in Europe presents an unprecedented opportunity to promote a move towards a more vegetarian lifestyle, for the betterment of the environment. Up to 20% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are derived from livestock or livestock-management activities (including deforestation and transport-related emissions). Over seventy per cent of all agricultural land is devoted […]

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Carbon Leakage – The Truth Behind The Numbers

Go through any household in a western industrialized nation and chances are good you’ll find at least one product that reads: “Designed in the USA. Assembled in China.” But how does this impact global CO2 emissions and climate negotiations? When measuring the CO2 emissions of countries, a lot of attention is focused on the CO2 […]

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The Horsemeat Scandal – What’s In Your Food?

The headlines this week have been all about the furore surrounding the disclosure that certain processed meat products on sale in supermarkets have been found to contain, not just beef as claimed on the packets, but also horsemeat The unfolding saga of how some processed “beef” ready-meals have been found to contain up to 100% […]

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Climate Change Perspectives – What Affects Our Views On Climate Change?

It is not too much of a push to say that, given the all-encompassing consequences, Climate Change could be considered as the greatest problem our modern civilisation has faced. It will affect every single person in the world either economically, meteorologically or socially and effect climate change perspectives – with its roots intertwined in our lives. […]

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Waste Not Want Not – Changing The Waste Paradigm

Between 30% and 50% of food production never makes it to the plate but is binned instead. That is, up to 2 billion tonnes of food annually. At a time when 1 billion of the world’s population cannot afford basic nutritional requirements, these figures should be a call to action. They are the result of […]

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Climate Change Reality Or Myth?


It’s a tough call. On the one hand, there was an editorial in the Observer last Sunday that proclaimed “Now No One Can Deny that the World is Getting Warmer” On the other hand, the Mail on Sunday, admittedly not a publication that has ever been accused of harbouring tree hugging tendencies in its newsroom, […]

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Horse-Drawn Rubbish Collection

Out and about in Brussels, I came across an odd sight. In the midst of the city, two horses, a cart and a man in a fluorescent vest. Driven by curiosity I edged nearer to get a closer glimpse. On the side was the French equivalent of ‘Schaerbeek Waste Collection’. It turns out the scheme […]

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Cool Biz: Whacky Japanese Idea Makes A Resurgence


In the summer of 2005, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE), on behalf of the Japanese Government, launched a campaign known as “Cool Biz“. Originally launched in response to Japan meeting their targets set by the Kyoto Protocol, it is still in effect today due to the loss of the Fukushima nuclear power plant […]

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Celebrity Philanthropists


Philanthropy among celebrities isn’t a new thing, with many often deciding to use their reputation and earnings to raise awareness and donate funds to all sorts of causes across the globe. Unsurprisingly, there are some really big names amongst the top celebrity charity donors, here is a roundup of some of the most well-known. Taylor […]

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