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Local Review: Save Your Precious Time With Professional Rubbish Removal Services


One of the things about human beings is that many of us like to keep the things we have. We like “stuff” even if these things no longer serve their intended purpose. Cleaning out our spaces is one of those things that we know we should do but who has the time? Who wants to […]

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Havas Media Publishes Its Meaningful Brands Index 2013

The global communications network Havas Media has just published its Meaningful Brands Index for 2013. The Index is part of Havas Media’s wider programme, Meaningful Brands, which sees social capital as the key to top market performance. It seeks to “create shared value for brands and communities” and analyse the “connections brands have with our […]

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What Is Environmental Compliance?

If you don’t already know about environmental compliance, you should start finding out immediately. It’s sounds complicated but it’s not. In fact, it’s nothing more or less than what you should be doing already, to be running your company completely legally. Environmental compliance means conformation to environmental laws and standards. This has become a bigger […]

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Charity Affiliate Schemes For Business

In today’s day and age, a lot of UK SMEs are finding it difficult to be able to fund marketing and advertising campaigns so need to find new, cheap and standout ways to raise brand awareness. One way to do this is by engaging in a charity affiliate scheme, sponsoring a charity of your choice […]

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The Impact Of Global Electronics Consumption And e-Waste Trade

The global consumption of electronics and e-waste trade inextricably links First and Third World countries together through economic development and environmental degradation. In our modern society, we have come to rely heavily on information technology and computers for everything from work and production, to information and entertainment. It is hard to imagine life without the electronic […]

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ISO 14001 – A Clear Business Case, Even To The Scrooge Within All Of Us

There is a misconception out there that being green is a waste of time; it’s a mere marketing ploy, which simply costs money and wastes time without any real results. Similarly, the environmental management standard ISO 14001 has its naysayers, declaring it too bureaucratic and only relevant for ‘big’ businesses. In this article, we take […]

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e-Waste And The Stringent New WEEE Directive – What Is It And How Does It Work?


Growing e-waste concerns The safe disposal of ever increasing e-waste is a real concern today. E-waste is one of the fastest growing sources of waste in the EU. Besides the clear environmental externalities implicated in landfill disposal of e-waste, significant losses in reusable materials are also incurred. As technology is churned out with increasing speed, […]

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Can An EMS Promote Technological Innovation?

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is generally regarded an environmental innovation in itself and is steadily becoming a standard, dominant approach to an organisation’s environmental management. However the debate persists over the role an EMS has on environmental technological innovations and its potential to lead the transition from present production systems. Gregory Unruh offers a […]

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ISO 14001 – Benefits

In a previous post I provided an overview of the environmental management system ISO 14001, discussing its purpose and the procedure needed to be taken so as to achieve certification. An extensive description of objectives and targets can be found here. As a brief reminder, ISO 14001 is has a dual purpose. At a corporate […]

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What Is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?


ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard with guidance for environmental management. ISO 14001 is intended to provide the elements of an Environmental Management System (EMS) for achieving environmental and economic goals. The standard is applicable to all types of organisations. The overall aim of ISO 14001 is to ensure environmental protection and prevention of pollution – […]

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