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How To Reduce Paper Usage In The Office?


The average office uses 10,000 sheets of paper per employee each year (1). Okay, so you may be thinking ‘we don’t spend that much on paper in the office’, however, that’s not entirely true. What you don’t realise is that the actual purchase cost of the paper is merely the tip of the iceberg. Once […]

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Dangers Of Trying To Handle Your Own Waste Management


Owning and managing a home or business premises can be a bit stressful, but well worth the trouble you go through. There are a number of things you have to consider when trying to manage your premises successfully. Among the most important things you have to consider when trying to keep your premises safe is […]

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Tips On How To Get Your Boss To Start An Office Recycling Program


It can be very frustrating and rather distracting watching piles of paper and heaps of milk cartons going in the trash can every day at work. Before you give in to temptation and start removing the recyclable items from the bins to take them to the recycling depot yourself, do try having a chat to […]

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Waste Not Want Not: Reduce Business Waste


The drive towards sustainable, eco-friendly living is normally targeted at the domestic sphere. With a popular demand for environmentally friendly products like washing up liquid and shampoo, as well as community recycling services, there seems to be a general assumption that if you are doing your bit at home that will suffice. However, the workplace […]

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Environmental Management Challenges For Small And Medium Businesses

environmental management challenges for small and medium business

Small to Medium size enterprises (SME’s) the world over are becoming more important as people realise their contribution to employment and the global economy. Many SME’s globally are owners of around 99% of all private sector businesses. They generate substantial income with UK SME’s, for example, generating £ 3 300 billion and its EU counter-part […]

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Solarize And Real Estate

Solarize and Real Estate

Many ask what the relationship is between solar panels and real estate. The contemporary term is to “solarize“. Solarizing and real estate go hand in hand for a variety of reasons, not least of which being the conservation of energy. Certainly no solar panel system can completely surrogate regular power and electricity. The reason is […]

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Local Review On Rubbish Removal Services In Sydney

rubbish removal services in Sydney

Sydney is widely regarded as one of the cleanest cities in all Australia. Its streets and harbour are kept constantly pristine by a dedicated municipal cleaning crew, and its homes and businesses are well cared for by local residents. On occasion, however, the need arises for a major trash removal undertaking, and it is then that Sydney residents often rely on the services […]

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Taking Steps To Improve Energy Efficiency In The Workplace

Taking Steps To Improve Energy Efficiency In The Workplace

Heating the workplace is a huge expense to many industrial buildings including schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings. It is necessary to find the most efficient ways to heat these places. Thermofilm Australia is a company that prides themselves on developing, manufacturing and installing superior energy efficient heaters to make staying warm more economical in […]

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Tips On Preventing Problems With Your HVAC Unit

Programmable Thermostats

Being a homeowner can be a very stressful job, but one that has some definite rewards. As a homeowner, you will need to make sure you keep an eye on all of the vital systems in your home. You want to be the first to know when a repair issue is present in your home. […]

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Is Pull Printing, Also Known As FollowMe Or Follow-You Printing, Right For Your Company?

Pull printing allows a print job to be stored on a server and only activated once the user who sent the print job does so at a printer. Why is this good? Well, research shows that in the average office up to 30% of print jobs are never collected at printers. Yes, people send documents […]

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