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How To Use Reverse Phone Lookup Services To Find People


It often happens that a phone call can either make or ruin your entire day. The continuous ringing of the insurance agent can be pestering at times while a call from workplace might bring to you some good news or relief. Sometimes the call could be from a very distant relative, who’s endless chattering and […]

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How To Cut The Running Costs Of Your Business


In the business world, the slightest drop in consumer spending can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line. Thankfully, getting back into the black isn’t always something that requires drastic changes. Making several small adjustments to the way you run your business can quickly add up to big savings. After all, if you […]

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A Primer on eCommerce Trademarking


Whether you’re just starting your ecommerce store or you’ve been running it for years, you should be considering trademark status for your business name (and slogan if you have one). Doing so protects your enterprise from others operating under your name. And, the process is easy to accomplish when you follow the steps outlined in […]

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The Importance Of A Quality Reception / Waiting Area For Your Business


There are a lot of elements that contribute to the success of a business. One of the more overlooked factors is the waiting or reception room which hosts visitors to your business, such as customers and suppliers. While most businesses put in the minimum effort so that guests have a nice little place to wait, […]

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How To Create A Paperless Office


After being in the second decade of the 21st century for several years, many believed that we would be close to the paperless society that was first envisioned by scientists in 1978. However, recent news reports have surfaced that suggest even government agencies like the VA Office have been overwhelmed with all of the paperwork […]

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Top Five Office Recycling Initiatives


Organisations are one of the ways in which the environment can be considerably helped. Below are our top five office recycling initiatives with the aim to help you change your workplace. Before we start, you might be wondering why exactly you should bother. Well, an office of 100 people produces on average 20 bags of waste a week. […]

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Green Fleet Management And Fleet GPS Tracking


Companies with vehicle fleets can benefit a lot from implementing green fleet management solutions. Typically these solutions result in cost savings from reducing fuel consumption, optimising route planning and improving vehicle maintenance. Not surprisingly, things that are good for business are typically good for the environment – this is where green fleet management comes in. […]

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Preparing Your Organisation For The New Year!


At this time of year, as we head into the festive season and many businesses start winding down for Christmas and the New Year it’s a good idea to start think about how you are going to prepare your organisation for the start of a New Year and to ensure that your employees are not […]

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Tidy Workplace, Tidy Mind: How Order Affects Productivity


A tidy workplace is a productive workplace. Not only does clutter set a bad impression for clients and visitors, it can be a distraction for your staff. A tidy workplace is not just about having tidy desks, and removing clutter from areas visited by clients, it should also include keeping any outdoor areas, staff rooms […]

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Is The Paperless Office Ever Going To Be A Reality?


The paperless office has been a topic of debate for over 20 years. But look around the average office and one still sees loads of paper being printed and aimlessly filed. Is the paperless office merely a myth or is there some credence to the claim that offices will soon be paperless? In this short […]

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