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A Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Food Business


Rule number one of starting a food business is that you must have a passion for food. It is this passion that will secure your success within the industry and will help you tap into a competitive market. If you believe you have what it takes to create a successful brand and business, read the […]

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Personal Development Plan For Entrepreneurs

personal development plan for entrepreneurs

For a business to remain competitive, it needs to invest in the growth of its team members. Employees are your biggest assets and their personal growth means the growth of your business as well. The need to continually improve doesn’t stop with employees either. As a business owner, you have to invest just as much […]

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Simple Steps To Set Up A Green Company In The USA


Are you interested in setting up a green company? Do you have a great business idea or desire to offer the best service in town? If so you need to know how to set up your green company. Fortunately it can be achieved in several easy steps. It is possible to handle all of these […]

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10 Profitable London-based Business Ideas For The Neat-Handed


Tired and dissatisfied with your day job? Dreaming about being your own boss? Well, maybe, it’s time to get off that fence, you’ve been sitting on and pursue your dreams! Dig out that entrepreneurial spirit of yours and stop worrying about Brexit. Asking yourself constantly whether it’s a good time to undertake your business venture […]

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Seven Awesome Jobs You Can Do From Home


Working from home is a relatively new practice. While some welcome the idea and have already incorporated it to the fullest, others are only now learning of the vast potential brought by working directly from home. If you are interested in learning about the steps needed to start an effective home business, click here to […]

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Business Inspiration: How To Launch A Sustainable Shop Like IKEA


Offering mass-produced disposable furniture at cheap prices, IKEA probably doesn’t seem like much of a model for sustainability at first glance. But look a little closer, read a little more into their philosophy and ideology, and you’ll soon find they’ve got a much better approach than most other multinational companies when it comes to being […]

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US Startup Trade Businesses: A Game-Changing Year Ahead


The election of US President Trump will lead to major uncertainty surrounding US trade policies and tax regime. Start-up trade businesses will also have to factor in major uncertainties surrounding the dollar’s value and the risks of retaliatory policies by key US trading partners. The overall trade environment is likely to be radically different within […]

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Social Entrepreneurs Making A Difference In UK Textile Recycling


In 2008, at the height of the global financial recession a husband and wife team, Michael and Ann Reaney, decided that something needed to be done to improve the job prospects of young people in their local area. After careful thought the couple decided to open a charity shop with a difference in heart of […]

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Solarkiosk Business Model Energizing Villages


Imagine a small village in rural Africa, people working on their fields and living in self-built huts made from clay and limestone. I was living in such a community when volunteering for a local afforestation project near Mount Kenya for a couple of weeks. It caught me by surprise that every single person living in […]

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The Opportunity For New Green Enterprises In The UK Green Economy

According to Nick Clegg at the Rio+20 talks in June 2012, the UK green economy is already estimated to be worth 8% of GDP and is one of the few bright spots in our economy, growing at 4.7% per annum. The green economy includes energy efficiency and generation, waste reduction and the long-term management of […]

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