Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Energy Efficient Heating


Over recent years, an increasing number of households and individuals have become more aware of the green cause. Most of us know only too well the importance of reducing our carbon footprints and there are a number of ways in which we can do this. One major source of carbon emissions is domestic heating in homes and according to the Energy Technologies Institute, around 20 percent of the nation’s carbon emissions stem from domestic heating systems. This makes home heating a major source of emissions, which is why it is important for households to look at ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Every little helps when it comes to doing your bit for the environment and one of the things that you can do is to look at switching to a more energy efficient heating system. With the effects of domestic heating having such a huge impact on the environment and emission levels, it is vital for households to look at ways in which they can help.

Switching to smarter heating

For those looking to do their bit for the green cause as well as to cut costs, there is another solution available when it comes to heating the home. This comes in the form of smart stand alone radiators, such as those on the VeriSmart heating site. These radiators provide households with a far more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and simple way to keep the home warm and cosy. You will find that compared to gas central heating these electric radiators are also far easier to maintain, which means that you benefit both in terms of finances and practicality.

Many homes these days have gas central heating, which has been a popular form of heating in homes for decades. However, this type of heating systems poses a number of issues. The use of boilers with gas central heating means that it can be extremely costly to run, which can make things difficult for those already struggling with household finances. In fact, when considering an upgrade or replacement, homeowners often ask, “How much is a new boiler?” as they weigh the significant investment involved. With smart electric radiators, the costs are minimal as no boiler is required to run the heating. Gas central heating can also be complicated and costly to install as well as requiring far higher maintenance levels compared to stand-alone radiators. With this smart heating solution, there is no installation required, so this eliminates one of the major issues when it comes to heating your home.

With the use of this type of heating system you can reduce your carbon footprint without having to compromise on warmth and comfort. You can also enjoy the chance to save money on the cost of your energy bills, which is something that has become a real drain on the finances of most households due to rising energy bills over recent years. In addition, you get to avoid numerous hassles associated with piping and installation, as these are free standing radiators that provide you with far greater control with regards to which areas of the home you warm up.


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