The Importance Of A Quality Reception / Waiting Area For Your Business


There are a lot of elements that contribute to the success of a business. One of the more overlooked factors is the waiting or reception room which hosts visitors to your business, such as customers and suppliers.

While most businesses put in the minimum effort so that guests have a nice little place to wait, only a small fraction realise the true importance of this space and how it impacts the image of their business as a whole.

The way a reception area looks and feels will have a great impact on how visitors perceive your business.

First Impressions

The first impression people get from the waiting room is completely different than the one they might get from a conference room for example.

In the latter instance, guests will focus on the meeting at hand and the people present there. Human interaction will distract them from observing their environment closely, meaning that while it’s still important to have a presentable conference room, it won’t make as big of a splash as the waiting room.

In the reception, visitors usually spend time alone or without human interaction until their appointment starts. This means that the only thing they will focus on is the environment itself. That includes not just the furniture but also the way in which people come and go, the amount of branding visible, lighting, plants and the overall aesthetics of the place.

What they see here will help them form their first impressions about the business itself.

This gives business owners a big advantage because it means they can, to some extent, control the first impressions that a visitor will have about their business.

So for instance, if you want to impress a client and let them know that you are a sustainable company, you can, for example, decorate your waiting area with urban furniture with recycled materials.

Impressing Current and Prospective Employees

It’s not just customers and suppliers that need to be impressed, but also current and prospective employees. More and more companies are finding it very hard to retain their company talent. When another company offers them something more attractive, it can be costly to see them go.

Keeping employees on board and engaged is a challenge, and we are certainly not suggesting that a welcoming workplace can solve attrition issues on there own, the little things do count. Details and fine touches can be a powerful motivator.

Employees and prospective employees need to feel welcomed and appreciated, but also that they’re part of something bigger.

This can be done by providing various inspirational pieces for the waiting room or lobby. Inspirational quotes as well as photos and records of company achievements can help current and future employees think of the company as a firm that’s going in a precise direction that they value.

So next time you are in your company reception, take a moment to think about small changes that you can make to bring your brand to life and provide a great first impression.

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