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Bluetti AC500 and B300

The Bluetti AC500 and B300S is a versatile portable power station with enough power to run your entire home. You can use it during a storm, power outage, blackout, or emergency. It can also save you money on your electricity bill.

You can customize it to fit your needs and it has enough outlets to power your refrigerator, heat, air conditioner, CPAP machine, phone, laptop, computer, and more at the same time!

Below is a full review of the Bluetti AC500 and B300S including specs, pros, cons, and a full buyer's guide. 

Bluetti AC500 and B300S Review

A quick review of this powerful portable power station. 




Additional Information

Bluetti AC300 and B300S

-Up to 18432wh 

-Power 16 devices at once

-Quick Charge 

-Expansion battery

-Modular power

-LifePO4 battery

-Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled app

What is the Bluetti AC500 and B300S? 

The Bluetti AC500 and B300S is one of the most powerful solar generators on the market. You won’t run out of power with up to 18,432wh. It’s quick charge (0-100% in less than 80 minutes) makes it easy to plug and play and the port selection has enough outlets to keep everybody happy. 

Bluetti introduced the AC500 and B300S expansion battery on Indiegogo in October 2022 and smashed expectations by selling $10 million worth of products in a little of 30 days.

The high demand and positive feedback have continued, and it is easy to purchase one on Amazon!

Bluetti AC300 and B300

Modular Power to Run Your Home 

The best thing about the Bluetti AC500 and 300S is that it has 100% customizable modular power.

Just choose the expansion battery set you want based on your electricity needs. There is an option for everyone!

It starts off with 3072wh and goes up from there!

Long-Lasting Expansion Battery 

The expansion battery makes the difference. Each unit includes a LifePO4 battery that lasts 4x longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries. 

With Bluetti you know you are getting the best quality possible and a system that can meet all of your needs. 

Peace of Mind

Finally, have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and protected at all times. This unit can serve as a complete home backup generator.

You can plug your devices directly into it or tie it to the grid to power your home. Similarly, the 5000W inverter can provide 24/7 UPS for your heavy duty or essential equipment.

Buyer's Guide and Specs

What’s In the Box 

  • Bluetti AC500 portable power station
  • B300 expansion battery
  • 15A AC charging cable
  • DC input cable
  • Car charging cable
  • P150D battery expansion cable
  • User manual

Battery Capacity and Power 

As mentioned above, the capacity and power of this unit are unmatched and can power your home for days. However, a lot of our readers use it for camping trips and road trips in an RV or van.

Similarly, some people use it at remote off-grid cabins or tents. 

Port Selection and Performance

The BluettiAC500 and B300 has an industry-gold standard 16 ports! Including 6 USB ports, 2 wireless charging pads, and 8 outlets!

Bluetti AC500 and B300 - 16 Port for Every Need

Weight and Size 

This Bluetti AC500 is 66.2lbs and the B300S is 83.8lbs. The heavy weight is the only con. 

If you are looking for lighter alternatives, you can purchase the Bluetti AC200P which has great reviews on Amazon. 

Charging - 0 to 80% in 50 Minutes

You can easily charge this portable power station on your lunch break as it only takes 50 minutes to get to 80% capacity. Use a wall charger, solar panels, or car charger!

Eco-Friendly Green Generator 

Finally, the Bluetti AC500 and B300 is a sustainable, all-in-one clean energy solution with enough power to run your home. Unlike a gas generator, there is no noise, pollution, or toxic emissions. It is safe to use indoors and won’t incur any fuel costs. 

You can control it directly through the app as it is Wi-FI and Bluetooth enabled for easy use!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bluetti a good brand?

Yes, Bluetti is an industry leader and has been producing portable power stations, solar panels, and solar generators since 2019. Their products have excellent reviews on Amazon and their battery capacity, power, and port selection are world-class.

2. Can the BluettiAC 500 power a refrigerator?

The Bluetti AC500 can power a refrigerator for at least 24 hours. More if you have additional expansion batteries.

3. Will Bluetti work in cold weather?

The Bluetti AC500 works in cold weather thanks to its temperature adaptive function. The built-in technology allows it to easily start, even in frigid temperatures. 

4. How much does the Bluetti AC500 cost?

The Bluetti AC500 and B300S will cost several thousands of dollars. However, there are usually promotions and deals available.

5. Is Bluetti worth the money?

Bluetti is worth the money for the peace of mind knowing you will always have power during an outage or emergency. It is also a sustainable energy source that can save money on your electricity bill.

6. How long does Bluetti last?

Bluetti offers a 10-year warranty and has a lifespan of over 3,500 cycles. After that the capacity drops to 80%.

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