Away Days That Improve Environmental Awareness


Environmental awareness is a vital factor in both running a business ethically, and driving down unnecessarily high operating costs.

One of the best ways you can bring your staff on board your collective corporate vision for a greener business is to provide away days to that effect.

CR Events take you through some of the ways you can provide this experience for your staff.

Starting your environmental campaign

If your business is spearheading a change towards generally being a far more environmentally-conscious business, it might be a good idea to start off with some basic training at your away day.

Book a conference room in a nice location that offers some spectacular views of the surrounding natural landscape.

While you’re there, staff can still unwind as a result of being in a new location for the day, but you would also be providing some short training courses around things such as:

  • The personal and business benefits of environmental awareness
  • The effects of wastefulness on the environment
  • Simple ways to reduce environmental impact
  • The larger-scale changes your business will be bringing in

To demonstrate that your staff have taken the ideological lessons on board and are committed to environmental awareness and sustainability, you can offer some paid certificates that can offer some printable certificate for their records. It may not seem like much, but certifiable proof that they’ve developed as a person can help staff feel more rewarded by the experience.

That isn’t to say it all has to be purely and rigidly educational for everyone. You could always reward staff at the end of the day by providing a barbecue and a few drinks for everyone out in the sunshine!

Educational and memorable experiences

For a more active, yet equally educational, excursion, there are a multitude of residential trips you could make. This could be a short weekend in which you organise a hiking trip, before camping out for a night or two, or a short “bushcraft” survival course where highly-experienced, professional survival experts will provide a thoroughly entertaining and educational introduction to living alongside the environment, key survival techniques, and the many ways in which you could live off the land.

If you have the operating capacity within your business, you could also extend the experience into a full week for an even more in-depth and educational experience that fully submerses you in the world of bushcraft and woodland lore. Whichever experience you opt to provide, the main benefit of either choice is that you and your staff will have taken part in a unique and incredibly memorable experience that will change everyone’s outlook towards the environment for the better indefinitely.

However you choose to provide this educational experience to your staff, the end result will always lead to changes that can benefit not only your business, but also the personal outlook of yourself and your staff, which will lead to a reduction in environmental impact across the board; away days may be something simple to offer, but you stand to benefit far more than just your business by providing them.

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