Automatic Power Shutdown – 5 Ways to Shut Down Your Computer at a Specific Time

Automatic Power Shutdown

Setting up an automatic power shutdown for your computer will save money and help the environment. Anyone can set it up at home or at the office in a few minutes.

Here are 5 easy ways to automatically shut down your computer at a specific time.

Top Picks - Automatic Power Shutdown

These are the best, most popular solutions that our readers use to turn off their computers or laptops automatically. 

5 Ways to Automatically Shut Down Your Computer at a Specific Time

1. Use Smart Plugs

Use Kasa Smart Plugs for Automatic Power Shutdown

The best way to automatically shut down your computer is to use a smart plug. Kasa Smart Plugs are the #1 bestsellers.

Just plug your computer or laptop into the smart plug and set a schedule on your phone so it turns off automatically

It is easy and our readers love it! Check out all of the positive reviews

2. Use Smart Power Strips

Kasa Smart Power Strip - Automatic Power Shutdown

Alternatively, you could use a smart power strip to automatically turn off your computer. They are like smart plugs except they have a lot more outlets. 

The outlets individually control whatever is plugged into them. They also have USB ports. 

Automatic Power Shutdown - Set a Count Down Timer with Kasa Smart Power Strips

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3. Use Voice Control with Alexa or Google Assistant 

Use Alexa or Google Assistant voice control to turn off devices that are plugged into Kasa smart power strips or smart plugs.

Go hands free and easily use your voice to turn off your computer! No hub required!

4. Schedule Regular Shutdowns for Windows or MacOS

For Windows, go to “Task Scheduler” and “Create Basic Task”. Follow the instructions here to create a daily, weekly, or monthly, shutdown. S

hutting down daily will probably save you the most money and help the environment the most.

For MacOS, go to “System Preferences” and “Energy Saver”. Then schedule a regular automatic shutdown using the instructions here

5. Create a Shutdown Shortcut 

Finally, you can create a shutdown shortcut on your PC by typing in a Command to the “Shortcut” option. 

Right click and go to“New” and then “Shortcut”. Follow the instructions here to create a customizable shortcut.

Benefits of Automatic Shutdown

1. Save Money 

Automatically shutting down your computer will decrease your electric bill and save you money every month. Homeowners can save anywhere from $100-$200 per month by unplugging items that aren’t in use. 

Businesses can save money too. For instance, Ford saved millions of dollars by automatically turning off their computers on nights and weekends. 

2. Help the Environment 

Furthermore, you will draw less electricity, use fewer resources, and put less strain on the energy grid, which helps the environment and the planet.

How are you using automatic power shutdown? Let us know in the comments below!

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