Automatic Power Shutdown

automatic-power-shutdownWalk into the average office after work hours and I’m confident you’ll find most computers and monitors left on, as well as many lights burning.

The inefficiency associated with small IT left on is significant. Compounded over a year the cost from standby power loss can reach into the $1,000’s and add 10-15% to a carbon footprint.

Using a switch off campaign to get people to turn off equipment can be useful but often doesn’t get the desired results.

In this article we discuss a number of technologies which allow organisations to automatic power shutdown equipment.

Find out where you are wasting energy

The first step in finding out how much energy you are wasting on equipment and lights being left on is to install an energy monitor.
The best and most affordable device on the market is the Owl Energy Saving Wireless Power Electricity Smart Monitor.
The Owl is completely wireless, has the capability to track up to 6 different tariffs, and gives a real time read on electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Using the Owl will let you quickly and effectively identify lights and equipment that have been left on in an empty workplace or indeed in your home. You can keep the monitor on your desk and download data via a USB connection to the device.

Word of warning: Once you start seeing your energy consumption in real time it can become distracting as you constantly try to find where you are wasting energy!

If you are looking for an energy monitor that is a little more trendy for your home, then the Wattson 01 – Personal Energy Monitor from DIY Kyoto is the market leader. The new age design of the Wattson gives the device a contemporary look that makes one want to prominently display it in the house. We highly recommend giving it a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Energy saving plugs
Once you have identified your energy usage when the office is empty it’s time to start getting equipment to power-down when idle or not in use.


Energy saving plugs are clever little devices which automatic power shutdown equipment that is left on standby. In this way they reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

There are many energy saving plug options on the market but the market leaders are the three below. All are very easy to install and super effective in reducing wasted energy consumption. Our calculations suggest a 8-12 month payback period on an average piece of equipment like a printer.

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As business electricity prices continue to rise it’s important that businesses use everything they can to reduce business electricity costs. Energy saving plugs are a great way to start saving money – I use one at home and it’s brilliant!

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Great article.

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