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The World In 2035: 2015 Paris Climate Summit

2015 Paris climate summit

With many commentators predicting a somewhat bleak future dominated by climate chaos, it’s time to take a look at what a sustainable world would look like 20 years from now….. “After waking in 2035 I find the world has shifted to a more sustainable state than when I left it in 2015. My last memory […]

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Bioenergy – Part Of The UK’s Low Carbon Energy Future?


Bioenergy has often been touted as a key part of our low-carbon future. However, there are many complex and interrelated issues that need to be explored and responded to before we increase our investment in this controversial technology. Concerns On an international level, food security, water scarcity and the loss of biodiversity all need to […]

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Lobbying: The Biggest Obstacle To Advancing Global Climate Action?!


With global emissions and extreme weather on the rise, it’s time to take a look at just what is getting in the way of increased global ambition. It could be argued that the activities of specific anti-climate groups are the single biggest hindrance to advancing climate action around the world. To date the anti-climate movement […]

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