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Green Marketing Is A Hard Sell!


Most consumers aren’t willing to pay a premium for an ‘environmentally-friendly’ product or service. Despite the efforts of companies over the past two decades to sell the environmental benefits of their green offerings, very few have made inroads without a price or quality advantage. Those that have been successful are either companies that are green […]

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Sustainability and Social Media Internship


We are offering a fun, challenging and exciting internship opportunity for a young student / new grad to help us grow our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you love interacting on social networks, reading blogs about sustainability and staying up to date on industry / technology trends, then this role is […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility Vs Profit


In 1970, the Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman published a now famous paper arguing that the role and responsibility of business is to maximise profits within the basic rule of law. Any activity that detracted from this responsibility for profit maximisation was in the eyes of Friedman, inefficient and bad for business. For Friedman, the idea of […]

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Measuring Natural Capital And The Implications For Sustainability


I recently read a fascinating paper written by Columbia University professor, Geoffrey Heal. The paper explores the issue of sustainability through an economic lens. In particular, the challenge of measurement as it relates to natural capital and economic development. Economists have a fairly robust measure for economic output, that being Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Unfortunately, […]

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Should Becoming Carbon Neutral Be Part Of Your Carbon Management Strategy?


Becoming carbon neutral used to be a popular option for businesses looking to demonstrate their commitment to environmental improvement. Let’s face it, buying a carbon offset is a lot easier than investing time, money and resources in practical actions that reduce one’s carbon footprint directly. But following a number of negative reports on carbon offsetting […]

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Why Invest In A CSR Sustainability Strategy?


Regardless of what many environmentalists and economists argue, I believe that fundamentally a business should not take action to improve its environmental or social responsibility unless there is a very clear economic rationale. Having spent many years debating the role of sustainability I have come to the realisation that there are three broad economic reasons […]

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