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Palm Oil: Is The Future Of Biodiesel Sustainable?

Palm Oil is the worlds third most produced oil with primary production areas spreading from Malaysia and Indonesia to Thailand and Brazil. An already negative image is well associated with palm oil plantations causing mass problems by plundering local habitat, reducing biodiversity, promoting land infertility, reducing small holders land opportunities, causing land change gas emissions […]

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Bacteria friend or foe?

No one likes to hear about bacteria! Bacteria is the nasty that spreads disease, viruses and illness and they are partly responsible for the bubonic plague. All cleaning products want to kill 99.9% of them, right? Wrong!

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Data Center Cooling – 3 Straightforward Tips

Data center cooling can be responsible for 30% of a data centers running costs. Improving data center cooling can range from the use of cooling liquids, layout, economizing your cool air input and increasing the general running temperature and humidity of your center. Data centers are predicted to increase 4 fold by the 2020, slashing […]

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Data Center Efficiency And IT Energy Consumption

Data center efficiency measures, like most other technical advancements, has been growing substantially with an increase in their use. They have been growing to support business and to provide part of the service offered to the commercial world and us by ICT businesses. Data centers have been estimated to contribute 30-40% of organizations energy consumption […]

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Practical Green IT Ideas For The Office


In this article Kelly Millward discusses practical green IT ideas – ways that you can improve the sustainability of your office equipment. IT is a booming industry, responsible for e-shopping, e-waste, cloud computing and increases of users accessing mobile devices and Internet. At present, IT is considered to contribute 2% to global emissions and is […]

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ICT – New Sustainability Tool Or An Alternative Path To Environmental Degradation

The ICT industry has become an incredibly important player in the involvement of technology to enhance progress toward our sustainable objectives. We have managed to move forward from paper based, travel oriented business paradigm’s thanks to the tools and applications provided to us by ICT. There is now, more then ever, computer controlled sensor systems […]

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