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Carbon Footprint – How To Reduce It?

Nowadays many companies have taken the initiative to calculate their carbon footprint. For many larger organisations, calculating their carbon footprint forms part of their corporate social responsibility. Equally, smaller organisations are starting to calculating their carbon footprints with the view to reducing it. This article, carbon footprint – how to reduce it, sets out some […]

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Voltage Optimization – There Is A Better Way

Though the principles of Voltage Optimization have been understood for many years, there has been a growing realisation that the basic Voltage Optimization “step down” transformer systems just do not offer the continuity of supply or the most effective way for companies to maximise their electricity savings. Especially from a business continuity perspective, step down […]

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10 Green Team Actions To Go Green At Work

Building a green team is a great way to implement environmental initiatives and go green at work. Green teams bring together a group of like-minded staff who want to take action to improve the environmental performance of their organisation. However, going green at work can be a challenge in terms of finding the time, resources […]

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What Is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?


ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard with guidance for environmental management. ISO 14001 is intended to provide the elements of an Environmental Management System (EMS) for achieving environmental and economic goals. The standard is applicable to all types of organisations. The overall aim of ISO 14001 is to ensure environmental protection and prevention of pollution – […]

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How Does The Dyson Fan Work?

Dyson Fans: Technology and Art meet I have been a huge fan of Dyson since first buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner 4 years. I was initially skeptical about buying a ‘premium price tag‘ vacuum cleaner. I mean let’s be honest – it’s a vacuum cleaner. An appliance that at best should be relegated to the back […]

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