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Building Credit After Beating Debt – How To Do It Right (With Pro Tips)


Personal debt can be one of the heaviest weights we experience in our lives. It’s also one of the most common. Around 80 per cent of Americans are in debt, and for many, it’s dangerous personal debt like credit cards and medical debt. With such high interest rates and various balances to maintain, it’s easy […]

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How To Efficiently And Sustainability Scale Your Business


Starting a business is a dream come true for business owners. But when it comes time to start scaling a business, owners can run into many stressful situations. In fact, a survey conducted by Genome on over 3,200 startups indicated that 74 percent fail due to premature scaling. Fortunately, among the vast array of items […]

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Green Business Ideas – Drivers And Benefits Of Green Business

Green Business Ideas

Greening your business can be a great way to reduce costs, win business and inspire your staff. In this article we discuss green business ideas, drivers and benefits of green business action in the hope that some of them will resonate with you and your business! If you are finding it hard to convince people […]

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How To Answer Environmental Tender Questions

environmental tender questions

If you have recently had to complete a tender document you would likely have had a number of sustainability or environmental tender questions to complete. For smaller organisations these questions are often a major stumbling block for two reasons: No 1. Many organisations have not got an ISO14001 Environmental Management System or any evidence to […]

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How To Write An Environmental Policy

how to write an environmental policy

Having a robust and relevant environmental policy is a must in today’s competitive market. A good environmental policy can set you apart from your competitors and help you respond to environmental questions in tenders. Below we explain how to write an environmental policy. How to write an environmental policy The purpose of an environmental policy is […]

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3 Ways The Cloud Can Make Your Business More Sustainable


Forward-thinking companies should always be on the lookout for ways to cut down on waste. In addition to being good for the environment, this is just good business; after all, almost any time you can lower energy usage and produce less waste, you’ll usually be realizing significant savings. And while usually talked about in purely […]

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5 Sustainable Building Materials – Brick, Tiles, Concrete…


Earth’s population is growing on a steady pace adding more fuel to the housing crisis in the UK. The growing need of homes sets multiple challenges for the construction industry. At this point, the current building methods are not really sustainable, polluting the environment with huge amounts but not limited only to of CO2. On […]

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How To Choose Energy Efficient Lighting

energy efficient lighting

Have a good look at your workplace. Try to identify all the electricity using devices – computers, printers, telephones, fax machines, air conditioning units, lights. Yes there are many things that consume electricity in a typical workplace. Here’s the thing though, lights tend to be the biggest consumer, followed closely by AC units and IT […]

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Green Marketing Strategy – How To Communicate Your Green Credentials Like A Pro

Green Marketing Strategy

Nowadays your environmental credentials can be a strong communicator of your brand and a unique selling point. If you are planning or already going green at work then a green marketing strategy is key! Without one you risk losing out on important opportunities to impressive your customers and prospects. The truth is many companies fail […]

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The Fastest Growing South African Insurance Companies


The notable growth of insurance companies in South Africa has been attributed to a whole range of factors, from the innovation of millennials beginning to infiltrate companies, to the increasing economic development of the nation of South Africa as a whole. When it comes to getting insured, it is always best to shop around for […]

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