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5 Best Solar Generators to Power Your House | 2023 Full Review

Solar Generators for House

Solar generators can power your home during a storm, power outage, or emergency.   However, your home solar generator needs enough power and capacity to keep all of the lights, devices, and appliances running.  Solar generators, also called portable power stations, are eco-friendly, quiet, and maintenance free.  Have peace of mind knowing your family will always have […]

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How Set Environmental Targets and Objectives in 15 Minutes


Setting environmental targets and objectives is an important step for any eco-friendly business owner.  Customers, employees, and stakeholders will appreciate your focus on sustainability. Plus, reducing your carbon footprint can increase awareness about your business and save money.  Learn how to set environmental targets and objectives in 15 minutes or less below! And take advantage of our […]

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7 Sustainable Lighting Office Ideas that Everyone Should Use


Sustainable lighting in the office can reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and increase productivity.  Your clients and employees will thank you, and you will feel good knowing you are helping the planet.  Sustainable lighting is stylish and affordable. There are options for every company in every industry! Including at-home offices! Here are 7 easy sustainable lighting office […]

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14 EASY Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable


There are lots of ways to make your restaurant more sustainable. Going green will help the planet, save money, and attract more customers! Here are 15 easy ways to make your restaurant more sustainable, plus tips and resources to get you started! We hope this helps you on your sustainability journey! This article may contain affiliate […]

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Renogy Solar Panel Review | 2023 Full Review – Best Solar Panel

Renogy solar panels are some of the best in the industry. There are tons of options to choose from for every situation.  Whether you are looking for solar panels to use on your house, RV, boat, truck, camping trick, or off-grid cabin, Renogy solar panels can fit your needs.  Below is a full review of Renogy solar […]

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What Does Zero Waste Mean? Everything You Need to Know

What Does Zero Waste Mean

The zero waste movement is very popular, especially with young people.  But what does zero waste mean?  Here is everything you need to know about zero waste, including its main principles, tips, and resources to help you get started. $$ SALE – Save Money on Eco-Friendly Products! $$Do you want to save money on eco-friendly products? Take […]

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Automatic Power Shutdown – 5 Ways to Shut Down Your Computer at a Specific Time

Automatic Power Shutdown

Setting up an automatic power shutdown for your computer will save money and help the environment. Anyone can set it up at home or at the office in a few minutes. Here are 5 easy ways to automatically shut down your computer at a specific time.Top Picks – Automatic Power ShutdownThese are the best, most popular […]

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5 Green Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Green Business Ideas

With today’s technology, starting a profitable and eco-friendly business is possible. All you need are some good business ideas!  Here are five green business ideas you can start today, along with tips and resources to get you started! Be sure to check out the special discount below!What is a Green Business?A green business focuses on sustainability and […]

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Jackery 240 vs 300 | 2023 Full Review Best Portable Power Station

We compared the Jackery 240 vs 300 to see which is the best portable power station. These are great entry level models for camping, hiking, backpacking, RVing, or emergency home use.  Power all of your devices using these award-winning, lightweight solar generators! Use our comparison chart and buyer’s guide below to see which one is best for […]

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Vampire Energy: 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Power Bill Today

Vampire Energy

Getting rid of vampire energy is one of the best ways to save money and help the environment.  You might think you are doing everything you can to be eco-friendly.  However, excess energy waste can hide in plain sight and cost you money from higher monthly utility bills. Additionally, it puts strain on the power […]

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