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5 Green Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Green Business Ideas

With today’s technology, starting a profitable and eco-friendly business is possible. If you want to start a sustainable business then you need some solid green business ideas!  Here are five green business ideas you can start today, along with tips and resources to help jumpstart your journey.5 Green Business Ideas You Can Start Today1. Build a […]

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What Is The Difference Between CO2 And CO2e?


Many of our readers often ask, what is the difference between CO2 and CO2e? Usually, they are in the process of calculating their carbon footprint and have realized that the emission factors that they are using are expressed as CO2e. This article outlines the difference between CO2 and CO2e.Difference between CO2 and CO2eCarbon dioxide, or CO2, is […]

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4 Sustainable Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Sustainable Online Business Ideas

Have you ever wanted to start a sustainable online business? Owning an online business in an eco-friendly manner may seem like a dream. However, it can be a reality if you are willing to be creative and provide value to your customers. Here are four sustainable online business ideas along with resources and tips to help […]

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What Does Zero Waste Mean? Everything You Need to Know

What Does Zero Waste Mean

Zero Waste DefinitionZero waste refers to throwing away as little as possible. It means reusing and repurposing objects first and recycling and composting the rest instead of sending them to the landfill.  If you must throw objects away, it is best if they are biodegradable and break down naturally over time. Even the most dedicated enthusiasts throw […]

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The Best Biodegradable Sunscreen – 7 Brands You Need to Know

Best Biodegradable Sunscreen

Choosing the best sunscreen will keep you and your family safe. But did you know that your choice also impacts the environment? 70% of sunscreens on the U.S. market contain harsh chemicals, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. These chemicals can damage coral reefs. Eco-friendly consumers, dermatologists, and scientists are increasingly conscious of the impact sunscreen has on our […]

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5 Easy Tips To Help Keep The Environment Clean

Keep the Environment Clean

The health of our planet depends on each of us doing our part to keep the environment clean. It is important for individuals and businesses to take steps to protect our planet. Below are some tips and products, offered by our affiliate partners, that anyone can use to do their part!5 Tips to Help Keep […]

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Software Licensing: Why It’s Important and 3 Ways It Can Help You

Software Licensing

Software licensing helps protect the software company and the end-user. Did you know that unlicensed software accounts for 37 percent of software installed on personal computers? Large and small businesses are at risk too. Organizations and individuals often use unlicensed software unknowingly. Using unlicensed software is illegal and can cost you time and money. It can also hurt productivity […]

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25 Go Green Ideas For the Office That Every Company Should Use


Every office is capable of implementing go green ideas that can help the environment and save money.  The key is implementing changes that positively impact behavior without hindering productivity.  Below are 25 go green ideas for the office that every company should use. Go Green Ideas – Green Tips for the Office1. Eliminate Single Use Cups Lots of offices have […]

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Green eCommerce – 2 Simple Steps Entrepreneurs Can Take to Go Green

Green Ecommerce

Green ecommerce, or eco-friendly ecommerce, refers to the practice of selling products online using methods that limit the impact on the environment. Lately, consumers and business leaders have emphasized the importance of sustainability. Online stores can offer eco-friendly choices for shoppers while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprints.   Here are two steps that any online store can take […]

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13 of the Best Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Available on Amazon

Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Are you looking for eco-friendly dog toys for your best friend? The best eco-friendly dog toys are durable, entertaining and minimize the impact on the environment.  All of these earth friendly toys are are just a click away on Amazon!   Have fun with your pup while living a sustainable lifestyle!13 of the Best Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Available […]

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