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The Famagusta Eco City Project – Design Studio Session: Brave Steps Towards A Sustainable Future


Earlier this month (January 2014), an innovative project was carried out regarding Cyprus’ ghost city of Varosha, which has been uninhabited and untouched for the last forty years. With environmental sustainability in mind, around 100 participants were presented with the challenge of coming up with ideas and potential plans for what the city could become […]

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An Introduction To The Global Role Of Dust

For most, dust does not extend beyond an inconvenience to be got rid of before a nagging relative wipes a judgemental finger-tip over a forgotten surface. It may even be a particular hassle if you’re allergic to it. Or a real problem if you live in a region prone to dust storms. In any case, […]

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Conserving Cultural Heritage In The Face Of Climate Change Threats


When we think about climate change threats, the first image that comes to mind is inevitably a natural landscape in peril. Nevertheless, cities are in trouble, too. No, not a sparsely populated settlement on an oceanic island whose name you may or may not have ever heard before. How about London? Or Prague? These historic […]

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Protected Areas: For Whom And By Whom?

Protected areas are undoubtedly the way forward in environmental conservation: human interference with nature is controlled, income is created through tourism and awareness is raised within the general public. Right? Well, actually, this is not always the case.

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