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Plastic For Pudding – The Truth Is Hard To Swallow


‘Plastic pollution’, like ‘climate change’, seems to have become an environmental dirty phrase that makes people instantly bored. Unlike climate change, however, whose impact it may be challenging to relate to directly, there is nothing distant about finding discarded plastic at your feet in any rural location you visit. This is especially the case with […]

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Sunscreen: Are We Killing Coral While Protecting Our Skin?


It may be the middle of winter for some of us, but on the other side of the world, summer reigns. For coastal areas, this inevitably involves a lot of time spent on the beach and a lot of time in the sun, which translates to a lot of sunscreen. A seemingly innocuous product, it […]

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Natura 2000 Salt Lake Site Destroyed By Diggers

natura 200 salt lake

Protected status, be it regarding natural or cultural heritage, is a concept we equate with a secure future for any given site. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Although designation of such status may mean increased monitoring and funding for protection, as well as publicity, fragile ecosystems in particular remain susceptible to the frivolities […]

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Invasive Plants – Prevention Is As Challenging As Cure

Invasive Plants

In my first foray into the UK, a two-week nature conservation course in the Scottish Highlands, I was met with a rather surprising activity: bracken-bashing. This aptly-named formal conservation method involved taking a large stick or rod and literally beating the plants, chopping them down as near to the ground as possible. In contrast with […]

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Why We Should Trust Uncertain Science


Unless you are accustomed to the scientific method, you have probably already disagreed with the above statement and I’ll be lucky if you’re still reading this. But read on: it’s really not as boring or mind-boggling as you might imagine. Same words, different meanings Contrasting understandings between the everyday use of concepts such as risk […]

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Oil Extraction: Perils, Publicity And Petitions


Over the past month there’s been quite a fuss surrounding a video released by Greenpeace as part of their ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign. For those who have not yet come across it, the video is a call for Lego to cut its ties with Shell, cleverly parodying The Lego Movie itself but with a twisted […]

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Solar-Powered Vehicles – Coming Soon To A Car Park Near You?


Solar-powered vehicles have been around for over 2 decades – why is it then that we still consider this environmentally-friendly and economical mode of transport such a big deal? Motor companies and science, technology, and engineering students continue to research and design ways in which such vehicles can be built to suit our needs. Even […]

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Land Art: Great Works Of Art In The Great Outdoors


Land art. Doesn’t sound too intriguing, does it? Two monosyllabic words put side by side; we all know what land is and we all know what art could be. Perhaps that’s what makes us dismiss it – it sounds quite pretentious and fanciful. But actually, it’s quite interesting, and if you ask me, one of […]

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Starlit skies: importance beyond beauty


It is impossible to deny the sense of awe and wonder that gazing at the night sky can evoke; an incredibly clear starry sky is an unforgettable sight that can remain forever ingrained in one’s memory. This ‘wow’ moment occurred for me in Namibia, during a night-time walk through a nature reserve. Unfortunately, the magic […]

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Environmental Sustainability Goes to the Movies and Gets Seated near the Front

We have been inundated with movie award season over the past couple of months, culminating in the Oscars. Yes, 2013 was a great year for the silver screen. No, I still have not watched 12 Years a Slave but I hear Lupita Nyong’o was fantastic. And my my, have you seen the new style icons […]

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