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South Pacific Tokolau Becomes Worlds First Solar Powered Nation

South Pacific Tokolau

Tokolau, a small island nation in the South Pacific, has become the first country in the world to run entirely off solar power. The grouping of 3 atolls that constitutes Tokolau has achieved another first beyond giving up reliance on fossil fuels. It is the first and only country to meet 100% of its climate […]

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Why We Should Use Our Roofs In The Fight Against Climate Change?

Window effect

Painting cities white to combat climate change; it sounds like one of the more wacky ideas to have surfaced over the past few years. Propose planting rooftop gardens and you run the risk of sounding like an unhinged romanticist. But the concept of using our urban surroundings to both mitigate and fight against climate change is […]

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China’s Pledge To Implement A Carbon Tax: Why Inaction Is No Longer An Option

The announcement by China to implement a carbon tax may prove a turning point in global climate change policy. Not only are they the biggest carbon emitter today, but their emissions are increasing steadily and account for most of the worlds carbon output. Contrary to popular belief, China has been progressive in investing in clean […]

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Consumer Engagement In Sustainability – Why It Matters?

The business world is undergoing a dramatic shift as it begins to value sustainability as a worthy policy to pursue. It is no longer simply a niche strategy but rather a necessity for continued success. Many businesses today are recognising the competitive opportunities to be gained by pursuing sustainability. One of the key features of […]

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Sustainable Investment: A Case For Future Growth

As we bid farewell to the financially unstable year that was 2012, it is timely to look again at the role of sustainable investment in our global economy. As environmental concerns are increasingly ushered to centre stage of international diplomacy, we must examine where this form of investment is headed. Defining sustainable investment Sustainability is an infamously […]

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Waste Not Want Not – Changing The Waste Paradigm

Between 30% and 50% of food production never makes it to the plate but is binned instead. That is, up to 2 billion tonnes of food annually. At a time when 1 billion of the world’s population cannot afford basic nutritional requirements, these figures should be a call to action. They are the result of […]

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Horse-Drawn Rubbish Collection

Out and about in Brussels, I came across an odd sight. In the midst of the city, two horses, a cart and a man in a fluorescent vest. Driven by curiosity I edged nearer to get a closer glimpse. On the side was the French equivalent of ‘Schaerbeek Waste Collection’. It turns out the scheme […]

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It Pays To Be Green: Why Businesses Should Disclose Carbon Emissions Information

Companies are under mounting pressure to increase transparency and conduct business within a responsible, sustainable framework. Demands to release emissions data and reduction strategies come from environmental pressure groups and shareholders alike. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is helping to coordinate the disclosure of emissions data. One of the more invisible NGOs in a field […]

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Why The New ‘Dash For Gas’ Will Cost Us All

The UK’s new ‘dash for gas‘ will have negative environmental and economic impacts for years to come. Chancellor Osborne’s Autumn Statement, delivered last week, sets the course for economic policy for the foreseeable future. Outlined in the Statement is the new gas strategy which sets out commitments to continue investing heavily in gas. Gas Investments […]

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The Passivhaus Standard – A Practical Method For Urban Sustainability

To achieve sustainability in an urban-centred world, we must primarily look towards our cities. Todays cities morph and evolve at astonishing speed. It is the responsibility of government, business and individuals alike to ensure that the overall shift is towards a lower carbon, sustainable urban future. Sustainable design At the core of a green city, […]

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